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Edible Wedding Favors?

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I'm looking for ideas for an elegant, edible wedding favor. It could be a truffle, or a cookie, or something similar (I was thinking sweet, but I am open to ideas). Cost: around $5 each, with or without wrapping - we can do that ourselves if need be. Any ideas or experiences in the Bay Area?

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  1. I know this is kind of downmarket but you can order M&Ms in any color and put them in little net bags -- I was at a wedding that did this and they were so gorrrrgeous and vintage looking! Otherwise, XO Truffles in North Beach can, I'm sure, hook you up with something amazing.

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      I did XOX truffles for my wedding favors. A selection of 4 or 5 in a little pink box I got on ebay. Very reasonable and popular. Can't remember the exact cost, but it was definitely less than $5 per piece.

      The M&Ms web site also lets you personalize all kinds of colors of M&Ms, which I like. Of course, there's only room for a few letters, but it's still pretty neat.

      Take a walk through the ferry building for some edible favor ideas, too...

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        Sounds like you've already gotten some great ideas, but here's one more. I got married 2 years ago in New York and we had a local woman make small pots of blueberry jam for the women, and vidalia onion chutney for the men. Of course, some men and women traded, but it was the best way of going half and half. We got really good feedback on these, and they travel well and last a while if your guests are coming from out of town. Someplace like Frog Hollow Farms in the Ferry Building would probably do this for you locally.
        The M & Ms sound cool, though.

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        in a similar vein to the M&M's.. we ordered dutch mints for our favors.. we wanted the jelly belly factory brand.. but it was getting pricey for hand-made favors... until we found candydirect.com

        you can bulk order all kinds of candy.. usually in 10 lb bag quantities... they also have fun "vintage" stuff too... like beeman's gum, etc. and it was literally half of the cost of ordering from the jelly belly factory direct.

        (found some clear acrylic boxes w/ custom printed ribbons on-line... was pretty inexpensive... and festive looking). one night of box stuffing and the favors were done!

        good luck1

      3. I received a box of 4 truffles from See's Candy at a wedding.

        1. Hi,
          My cousin used Truffles by Katia for her wedding favors and they were amazing. My husband and I noticed that all the guests were eating them right away and my cousin, being the picky bride that she was ;) was happy she got favors that guests enjoyed. Truffles by Katia is local and I think you can decide on the color of favor boxes and ribbon you want depending on your wedding colors. My cousin also received a complimentary box of truffles when deciding what flavors they wanted for the favors. I recall 2 truffles inside the favor box. You may want to contact her for prices...don't recall my cousin complaining about the cost and I know they were on a budget. Good luck with the wedding planning!

          Link: http://www.trufflesbykatia.com/

          1. Friend of mine had photo cookies as a wedding favor. The cookies held up just fine and it was not bad. Link below.

            Link: http://www.soundexpressiongreetings.c...

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              Okay I didn't see the eligant part. Perhaps, giving out a photo cookie wouldn't be eligant.

            2. how about a drinkable one? we gave little sheer silver bags filled with dragon pearl jasmine tea. each of the bags was in a porcelain chinese teacup. we tied a little scroll with a brief history of the tea on each sachet.

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                Where did you find all the components, and how much did it cost?

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                  I got the little porcelain cups at Kamei Restaurant Supply on Clement Street. To be honest, it's been almost 5 years, so I really can't remember how much things cost. I'm fairly certain the whole favor was less than $5 a piece, but I would check out the current pricing yourself. I can, however, tell you how/where I got everything. The little sachets were from "The Knot" website. They came on a big roll that you had to cut to detach the bag. I'm fairly certain I saw other similar items online at other party supply/wedding retailers, so those shouldn't be too hard to find. Got the ribbon to tie them with at Flax. My parents brought the tea from China, so I really don't have the cost on that. Maybe check online or other hounds might be able to help with Bay Area teas as my parents are my tea suppliers for day to day drinking, as well! (g) If you aren't familiar with the dragon pearl jasmine tea, it is little green balls that are hand-rolled. Once they are steeped, they unfurl and look kind of like really pretty sea weed. The tea is jasmine and very perfumy and delicious. Oh, I forgot to mention that they also brought a smaller bag of rosebuds (which could also be used to flavor the tea) so that each sachet got 3 or so buds. That made for a really pretty contrast. The little scrolls were printed on my own laser printer on some vellum-type paper that I got from flax.

                  We put them all together ourselves, so it was also a little labor of love. Good luck!

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                    We also gave out tea. I'm Chinese American and we gave out something with its roots literally in China (I also work with tea). Because my husband is an O'Connell -- we made it Irish Breakfast tea. And because it was a celebration of love, we also included Passion Fruit tea. We put them in glass test tubes with cork stoppers (all the better to see the tea) that we got at a medical supply store. (I like the sachet idea, vespaloon!) We bundled them with heart shaped tea infusers (one per couple) and tied it all with a black rubberband, organza ribbon and a card explaining the tea with steeping instructions. It was most definitely a labor of love -- but we brought it in for around $5.00 per person. If you're in the Bay Area, I'm sure Chinatown will have value-priced loose tea.

                    Congratulations! There are some nice ideas here. I like the honey idea!

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                    I've seen this done with little metal tins (clear lids)-with the little saying "Love is brewing". Bride & groom also hand made all the ceramic cups! It was beautiful and unique!

                2. Marshall's Honey will do little personalized jars of honey for weddings. You can choose the type of honey ... orange blossom?

                  On the top you can put your own label or use one of their standard messages

                  "Honeymoon Honey, Share this nectar and you will stick together,"

                  "May your life Blossom with Sweetness,"

                  They will also put the following information on the jar, from their website ... link below

                  "We can print up to three lines of type. A typical request might be:

                  Line #1 - The names of the bride and groom, honoree or event.
                  Line #2: The date of the event.
                  Line #3: The place of the event or an appropriate short message.

                  I always thought this was a cute idea. They also do party favors and holidays ... Happy HoneyKah, Jailbreak Honey (Martha, It's a good thing)

                  Enter the word "wedding" in the search box and then click the search button.

                  Link: http://www.marshallshoney.com/shop/

                  1. We were going to give out TeaForte pryamid shape tea bags for as our wedding favor, however they did not personalize their tea. The tea bags are very eligant. I believe they're around $2.5 each.

                    Link: http://www.teaforte.com

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                      those are very cool!

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                        Tea Forte is one of the most over hyped products on the market. Looks cool, tastes like Celestial Seasons.

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                          Thanks, Krys! That is really good to know.

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                            That's not my experience at all. Celestial Seasonings is loaded with excess flavorings to give it strong flavors. Many Tea Forte blends are flavored as well, but the quality of the base tea or herbs is *way* higher than CS, and I can definitely taste the difference.

                            Also, try http://www.beau-coup.com/tea_sachets.htm for some personalized stickers, my cousin used these as favors at her wedding.

                      2. For some local flavor (East Bay), we did 2 Scharffen Berger chocolate squares (1 mocha, 1 mint) along with some of their chocolate covered coffee beans and nibs in small silver tins with glass lids. We then added a blue piece of paper with the words "life is sweet" and a silver band to hold it all together. B/w photo below. I like the tea idea too though.

                        Image: http://www-bsac.eecs.berkeley.edu/~sb...

                        1. We had Fran's Goldbar's. Great idea as they are wrapped in gold foil paper so require no add'l packaging. You can go to Fran's website and order them by the box.

                          1. If you end up getting something that needs to be put into a container, I've used this site for giving jams and such before.

                            Link: http://www.specialtybottle.com/

                            1. I did little silver tins of mints (purchased from Cost Plus). We wrapped them in some gauzey/tule-like substance (ask any craft store lady) and tied with a ribbon, however, if the tin was super cute this step would be unneccesary. Total cost was under $3/favor.

                              1. I once got a pretty sachet filled with Lindt Chocolate truffles. You can find this sachet at:
                                http://www.bellenza.com/Elements/Flow... - there were two truffles placed in each bag. Selling for $3.50 each bag.

                                1. I've wanted to get married just so I could order cookies from these Renaissance folks:


                                  Stunning, stunning cookies...

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                                    Wow, those look amazing! Have you tasted the cookies - do they actually taste good, in addition to being so beautiful?

                                  2. I tasted them years ago when I worked Faire -- the company makes them in a variety of flavors and I would recommend going towards the spicy. I realize their site currently says they don't do mail order, but that is also dated 2005. I'd give them a call and see if things have changed. I tried to get a winery I worked for to use them as I thought it would be a great favor placed at a table for a wine dinner, but the owners went with silly chocolate truffles instead!

                                    1. We received these nice toffee candies from a wedding PJ's Sweet Factory: https://www.shop.pjssweetfactory.com/...

                                      The bride put the candies in vellum envelopes w/ the couple's initials on the front.

                                      1. I did the m&m's as my wedding favor. I got a robins egg blue and a cream colored ones and mixed them together, then put them in a little birds nest which I then wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon. These were placed at the top of each person's place setting. It looked really pretty.
                                        I got most of the supplies from Angray Fantastico by the flower mart at 6th and brannan except for the m&m's which I got from a bulk candy website. They have a very helpful salesperson in their wedding dept who showed me how to put everything together. These cost around $3 each.
                                        I also had xox truffles as the favor at my rehearsal dinner. I put these in clear plastic bags which I sealed with a foil seal. I can't remember the cost but it was probably $2 or less.

                                        1. Sisters Three Cookies in Santa Rosa makes good-tasting, beautifully decorated cookies. I tried an apple cookie at a recent Copia event. Some of them are too cutesy for my taste, but you can choose.... and they do custom designs. I like the simple hearts. Congratulations!


                                          1. We got chocolate covered espresso beans from Peet's and put them in little round silver tins.

                                            1. For my wedding I gave 3 Lindt truffles - milk, dark and white chocolate - to each guest. They came in a white box with a white mesh-like bag covering the box and a silver ribbon tying it all off. They were beautiful and talked about the next morning at breakfast.

                                              1. I did cupcakes with our last name initial. I did them to match the cake and I used them for seating. So they were all on a table, each with a name and table number inserted on a small stick. People loved them and they were very cheap favors. It also allowed us to buy a smaller cake because we knew everyone would already have a cupcake.

                                                1. I ended up using Flower Slick chocolates from Joseph Schmidt. Each disc of chocolate was wrapped in cellophane and tied up with a ribbon color of your choice. It was about $2 a piece (many years ago).


                                                  1. We purchased the cutest and most precious handcrafted bubblegum brides and grooms for our wedding. We found them at www.lolliesgalore.com and was able to get a great discount due to the number we ordered. They were so nice several of our guest still have them almost a year later.


                                                    Best of luck with your plans.

                                                    1. It depends on the time of year, but Martha Stewart had a beautiful idea where she gave out two perfect little Seckel Pears, tied in a fiber bag with a ribbon and attached to a tag that said “A Perfect Pair” with the names & wedding date. Perhaps you can find a seasonal fruit that works well? The vendors at the Ferry Building could probably help you identify and buy the perfect fruit.