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Nov 27, 2006 03:29 PM

10 lb Turkey Breast - sitting in fridge for 6 days - is it safe to roast?

Bought the turkey breast frozen on Tuesday (Nov 21) and left it in the fridge to thaw. Didn't get a chance to brine nor cook it because we spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws. I just found it in the bottom shelf this morning and thought I'd check to see if it still was safe to cook. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Should be fine. They are left for longer in supermarkets....

    1. Your nose knows. If it smells o.k. I'd cook it.

      1. Thank you both very much for your advice. Good to know that it's still good after sitting in the fridge that long!

        1. I disagree. If you put it to thaw on Tuesday it was thawed by Thursday and has been sitting for four days??? Last week I wanted to pick up my turkey at Whole FOods on SUnday and they told me I could not keep a fresh bird in the refrigrator from SUnday to Thursday safely unless I put it in the freezer until TUesday.I think you are taking a chance- is it worth it to get food poisoning??

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            But were you picking up a frozen or fresh bird? If the latter, they were tacking on all the days that bird had already been thawed. Thawed birds are often given well over a week in the supermarket.

            1. re: emilief

              Though I certainly agree with your concern and the reasoning the WF folks gave you (I often keep meets in a semi-frozen state-26-32 degrees- for a few days before fully thawing them to cook; it lets me keep meat fresh for days longer)- APetite had one advantage- the turkey sat undisturbed in a cooled, sealed fridge- the temperature was lower in there because as she and her family were out of town- no one was opening and closing the door.

            2. a petit,
              karl s and capt w have given you exc advice.(they ALWAYS give exc. advice!)