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103rd and Broadway?

Does anyone have any recommendations for anything near 103rd and Broadway? I'll be staying there for a few days later this month, and I'm not familar with the area at all. I'd especially love to hear about good breakfast or coffee. Many thanks!

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  1. Silvermoon Bakery - 105 & B'way, good croissant, pastries, coffee, etc
    Henry's - 105 & B'way, relaxed, casual burgers, salads, etc, good brunch
    Picnic - 102(?) & B'way, sorta European-style cafe, does brkfst
    Indus Valley - 100 & B'way, well above average Indian
    Cafe du Soleil - 104(?) & B'way, quite decent casual French
    Rack & Soul - 109 & B'way, good if inconsistent bbq and fried chicken
    Sal & Carmine's - 102 & B'way, really good pizza slices

    1. I am a big fan of Sun Chan.. Her e is a link to a review http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?s... which is on 103 and broadway.. It is nothing to look at from the outside, but inside they have some really good yakitori.. I would shy away from the Sushi but they have some great grilled food.. I like the octopus and wasabi appetizer.. They have some great grilled sardines, kohata, chicken wings, pork ribs, quail eggs wrapped in bacon, pork belly, chicken skin, ginko nuts, and so on.. Love the stuff.. Try a grilled rice ball too.. You can get a nice bottle of unfiltered sake for 10 bucks, they also have a selection of sochu..

      Awash is good for Ethiopian.

      Indus Valley is really good Indian..

      1. Regional - 99th & B'way - good Italian.
        Jeruasalem - 103rd & B'way - great falafel
        Flor de Mayo - 100th & B'way - great chicken!
        Carne - 105th & B'way

        I agree with Henry's - always a good meal - but disagree with Rack & Soul.

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          re R&S - you disagree as in 'not good' or 'not inconsistent'?

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            I can't speak on consistency since I only ate there once. It was not good enough for me to justify a return.

        2. Love Love Love Noches Mexicanas 103rd and Amsterdam

          1. Absolute bagels btwn 107th and 108th - best bagels in the area!!! Go early, get them right out of the oven. At this place they are better with butter than with cream cheese. V&T's for cheap old school italian with carafes of cheap red wine.

            1. I agree with most of the suggestions above. Relevant to your request, Metro Diner at 100th and Broadway is a fairly good diner for breakfast - typical diner menu served pretty well.
              Lenny's bagels at 98th and Broadway are very good.

              Pampa at 98th and Amsterdam is great steaks at fairly reasonable prices.

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                I like Lenny's muffins, e.g. cappucino, chocolate, lemon/poppy.

                You all have given very good recommendations. The only place I think I'd add is El Malecon, for great Dominican rotisserie chicken. Between 97th and 98th on Amsterdam.

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                  I think Flor de Mayo's roast chicken is better than Malecon. The breast meat at Malecon is often dry. Flor's is juicy throughout.

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                    I have been to both places in the last two weeks.. I was really unimpressed with Flor de Mayo's.. I use to really love the sauce they gave out at Flor, but even that was different.. I am going wITH Malecon..

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                  Pampa has been closed for some time. There's a new restaurant in its place now (though I can't recall the name, maybe Rural or some such).

                3. Crepes On Columbus on 107th and Columbus is great for breakfast, and Zanny's on 108 and Columbus is great for sandwiches/coffee. A on 106 and Columbus is so yummy. It's BYO, French-Carribean. Like Bistro 1018 on 110 and Amsterdam for a low key meal. Also like Meridiana on 106 and Bway.

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                    I like A and its bring your own whatever.. The last time we were there I brought a bottle of Scotch and some beers..

                  2. I second Absolute Bagel and Crepes on Columbus for breakfast/lunch/snacks.

                    Cafe con Leche on Amsterdam/96th makes a great brunch/lunch, and the namesake coffee is awesome.

                    For dinner, try Turkuaz (B'way and 100th). If you want grab'n go, maybe Taqueria something-or-other on Amsterdam and 105th...

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                      I just went to absolute bagels this morning for a pumpernickel with apple cream cheese and I always forget how great their bagels are. The only place that comparies is murray's.

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                        They're one of the few places that makes pumpernickel-raisin bagels - the pumpernickel is just sour enough to balance the sweetness of the fruit.

                        My fave combo to make at home is their salt bagel smeared with Nutella.

                    2. I've said it on other boards, and I'll say it here, Henry's does what is so hard to find -- they are consistently good. We always walk away satisfied. Have a lovely stay!

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                        I agree about Henry's. A definite for a nice, relaxed, well executed meal. My husband and I loved it (recently left UWS for the 'burbs) for everything from brunch to a nice dinner to Sunday afternoon in the lovely bar area watching football and eating upscale bar food. It is way more than a casual burger place. Their menu is terrific and varied and they have a very decent wine list and martini menu.

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                          Henry's does an excellent brunch. They serve a basket of mini muffins with the meal, which was fantastic. Also, the oatmeal I ordered came with an entire teapot of steamed milk. I'd never seen that before, and it was great.

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                          I have to disagree, strongly. Henry's is overpriced for "what it does"--which is to serve not inexpensive, mediocre food with subpar service. I wish I liked it because it is very convenient to where I live, but I can't recommend it.

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                            The last time I was there a few months ago, I found the food solidly good, just a tad below excellent, and fairly priced for the complexity and quality of the ingredients. Our service was fine, too. It's disturbing if you feel it's gone downhill.

                        3. My regular stop in that neighborhood for breakfast is Rositas @ 109 and Broadway. I've been pretty pleased with dinner there as well.

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                            Did this place close down? I can't find it anywhere online?

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                                La Rosita is gone and sadly, the space has been unrented for more than a year! It's criminal.
                                Does anyone know where to find a similar (one-of-a-kind) place?

                          2. Wow, thank you all so much. I appreciate your generosity with suggestions. I am all over the Silver Moon and will report on what we enjoy in the area!

                            1. Sal and carmines is one of the best reular slices in Manhattan. Flor d Mayo is also bangin. Ahh the days when i lived on 102..

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                                Do remember La Tacita D'Oro on Broadway between 99th and 100th? Really great Cuban/Chinese place with fantastic pollo a la brasa. Rising rents closed it about 5 years ago.

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                                  Yes, indeed I do remember it. They served really, really cheap lunches.

                              2. Indian Cafe between 107 & 108 used to be one of my favorite Indian restaurants in the city, not for their regular menu, but for the specials menu. I'm not sure if the same chef is still there, he used to be a late-night drinking buddy of mine, and he was really good. The regular menu is just OK, not done with the same care and flare as the specials.

                                There's a decent burger/rotisserie chicken joint that is good for delivery, Texas Rotisserie. I order from there when I'm out at a bar in the area and have it delivered to the bar.

                                Great Mexican in the area is Taqueria y Fonda. Little hole in the wall spot with great tacos and street food. I've rarely gotten anything on the menu that is more than $5. Avoid the burritos and other "Cal Mex" innovations, and stick to the tacos, tortas, etc. OH! And the Mexican coffee is delicious.

                                I love Mama Mexico on 102nd and Broadway, not for the food, but for the instant add-water-have-party atmosphere. The guacamole is excellent, so is the salsa, and there are a few good options on the menu I've been happy with...enchiladas mole is not bad. Go to Taqueria for the food, go to Mama Mexico for a margarita or two and enjoy the fun.

                                And I agree with everyone on Absolute Bagels (the best in the area since Columbia Bagels closed) and La Rosita (get the beans and rice!).