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Nov 27, 2006 03:26 PM

103rd and Broadway?

Does anyone have any recommendations for anything near 103rd and Broadway? I'll be staying there for a few days later this month, and I'm not familar with the area at all. I'd especially love to hear about good breakfast or coffee. Many thanks!

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  1. Silvermoon Bakery - 105 & B'way, good croissant, pastries, coffee, etc
    Henry's - 105 & B'way, relaxed, casual burgers, salads, etc, good brunch
    Picnic - 102(?) & B'way, sorta European-style cafe, does brkfst
    Indus Valley - 100 & B'way, well above average Indian
    Cafe du Soleil - 104(?) & B'way, quite decent casual French
    Rack & Soul - 109 & B'way, good if inconsistent bbq and fried chicken
    Sal & Carmine's - 102 & B'way, really good pizza slices

    1. I am a big fan of Sun Chan.. Her e is a link to a review which is on 103 and broadway.. It is nothing to look at from the outside, but inside they have some really good yakitori.. I would shy away from the Sushi but they have some great grilled food.. I like the octopus and wasabi appetizer.. They have some great grilled sardines, kohata, chicken wings, pork ribs, quail eggs wrapped in bacon, pork belly, chicken skin, ginko nuts, and so on.. Love the stuff.. Try a grilled rice ball too.. You can get a nice bottle of unfiltered sake for 10 bucks, they also have a selection of sochu..

      Awash is good for Ethiopian.

      Indus Valley is really good Indian..

      1. Regional - 99th & B'way - good Italian.
        Jeruasalem - 103rd & B'way - great falafel
        Flor de Mayo - 100th & B'way - great chicken!
        Carne - 105th & B'way

        I agree with Henry's - always a good meal - but disagree with Rack & Soul.

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          re R&S - you disagree as in 'not good' or 'not inconsistent'?

          1. re: Ben

            I can't speak on consistency since I only ate there once. It was not good enough for me to justify a return.

        2. Love Love Love Noches Mexicanas 103rd and Amsterdam

          1. Absolute bagels btwn 107th and 108th - best bagels in the area!!! Go early, get them right out of the oven. At this place they are better with butter than with cream cheese. V&T's for cheap old school italian with carafes of cheap red wine.