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Nov 27, 2006 03:25 PM

Kitchen Essentials

My daughter is getting married next Fall & I would like to assemble a selection of items basic & essebtial for someone just starting out. I'm thinking of everything from extremely useful widgets of all kinds, to cooking tools, serving pieces, cookbooks etc.

Any thoughts as to what you wold put in this category.

When my nephew got married, I filled a large wicker laundry basket with absolutely everything needed for a bbq & wrapped the whole thing up in a tablecloth. It was a big hit!

Thanks. Any thoughts would be welcome.

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    1. Bridge has a very complete list at

      The best thing is to do what my first sister-in-law did. She took off her makeup, put her hair in braids, and wore her Oshkosh b'gosh bib overalls, so she looked like she was 16. She went into Bridge and said "Billy and I are getting married, and we're so confused. There's all this stuff and we don't know what to get. Can you show us what we need, pleeeze?"

      Crusty old Fred Bridge melted into a little puddle and spent an hour selecting things and telling her what not to get, as well as what she needed.