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Nov 27, 2006 03:24 PM

NYC guy visiting SF this weekend

need a casual & cool, mid price place to take a local foody gal. No heavy red meat plaese...truly neighborhood local place that executes great food and service...thanks a million.

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  1. Luella in Russian Hill is a favorite.

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    1. re: Chris Rising

      thanks, any thoughts on after dinner cocktail place that is hip but not crazy crowded? possibly music?

    2. Chapeau? Aziza?

      Great service is rare in San Francisco, particularly in neighborhood places.

      1. I had a great meal and equally great service at Frascati (Hyde Street, Russian Hill) recently. It was my first visit, so I'm not sure if all the servers are as professional and knowledgeable about the menu as ours was but I really recommend this place.

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        1. re: fine wino

          I would also recommend Frascati. I've been three to four times and each visit was incredible. The servers are indeed very knowledgeable. I've tried something new on the menu each time and have yet to be disappointed.

        2. chenery park in glen park is also a gem, imho