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Nov 27, 2006 03:02 PM

Not the dish you wanted!!

What do you do when you order something at a restaurant and you realize it's not exactly what you wanted? Would you return it and order something else? Would you simply leave it untouched and be angry about it?

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  1. Did they get the order correct or was it a mistake on the restaurant's part?

    If I order a dud dish and it comes out as described but not what I had in mind, I suck it up. If the restaurants makes a mistake, it depends on the severity of the mistake and if it's something I can work with or not.

    1. They got the order correctly but sometimes I realize it's not the dish I had in my mine or it just isn't fresh(like in salad)or the dish tastes just plain nasty.

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        This is an overly long response to a pretty straightforward question, but it brings back a very strong and fond food/travel memory. Since I often sulk and pout when I don't get what I want, I sympathize with this plight. Several years back at little trattoria in the Trastavere section of Rome, I saw a pasta dish on another's plate. It was, I ultimately learned, a bucatini, and I love thick ropy pasta. But, the dish I ordered was not that - MY mistake. I ate it, and it was good, but I still sulked and pouted until my wife said, just order the one you want. So I did, and I ate both, and my mood vastly improved. So, my view is that, if it's your goof, you shouldn't send it back, but, if you really want what you didn't get, order what you want [and it's your option whether to eat both or only the corrected order].

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          Yeah, eating well in Italy is such a struggle.

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            Agreed. A tough job, but someone's gotta do it. I just wish it was more often me. Also, I like your idea about trading with wife, but in my situation, neither she nor I had the dish on which i'd had my sights.

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              Oh, there is no question in MY mind that you did absolutely the correcto thing under difficult and trying circumstances.

      2. If the meal is ill prepared, there's room for discussion with the House. But if they bring what I ordered and it's well prepared and I just don't like it, my first move would be to try to trade with my wife. If that doesn't work, I would have them pack it up to take home and order something else. If that's out of the question for some reason, I'd just go with more soup, salad, and appetizers. And dessert! In other words, just suck it up. Usually, there's always another meal.

        1. I wouldn't return it, but I might order something else. The house shouldn't have to pay for your mistake, unless they're somehow responsible due to poor preparation. I don't believe a misleading "description" is grounds to return something to the kitchen, unless there is a surprise ingredient you literally cannot eat.

          1. This happened to me on Saturday. We were out for my stepdad's birthday and I ordered the crab cakes. When the dish arrived it was completely NOT what I wanted. For starters, I don't think crab cakes should ever be paired with mashed potatoes (like this one was). There was also only one giant cake and it was burned on the outside and filled with mostly diced peppers and very little crab. I also like to dip my crab cakes into something and this dish promised red pepper sauce, but the sauce was just a decoration on the plate.

            I sucked it up and ate it, but it was bad and I was very unsatisfied with the entire meal (for many other reasons). My only real recourse was to complain about the meal with my husband later (which was very theraputic, although it didn't make up for the lousy meal) since it wasn't the kitchen's fault that I didn't like their food.

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              Burnt crabcake full of silly fillers? Call me crazy, but it does kinda sound like the kitchen's fault you didn't like their food. I guess you couldn't demand a start over and order something else with the nasty crabcake taken off the bill, but this seems worthy of sending back. At least make my all-filler crabcake cooked, not burnt!