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WD-50, what should I eat?

I know. I know. Most people think it is over-rated. But, I have a semi-business dinner there tomorrow and would love suggestions on best dishes.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the beet puree-filled foie gras wheel, garnished with candied olives and pea soil. Also the smoked eel with peanuts and snow peas.

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      I did the tasting menu with wine pairings...it's a lot. And expensive.

      The one dish that really, really sticks out is, as above, the "beet puree-filled foie gras wheel". I also found our waiter very knowledgeable about the food and the booze.

    2. the beef tounge w/ fried mayo is fantastic

      1. what kind of food is this? fried mayo?

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          what kind of food? Nerd/science experiment food. Dufresne has many playful notions.

        2. Small cubes of mayo. Fried. (Oh, the method gets technical, but that's what it is.)

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          1. they had some kind of foamy mussel soup as an appetizer that I adored. And their cocktails are wonderful.

            I don't know about "over-rated," but I do find the place a little expensive for what you get. But they have a friendly, competent waitstaff and a cute clientele.

            1. The restaurant has a great photo page up showing you a lot of the menu items. Check it out here: http://www.wd-50.com/images2.html

              1. this place is crazy but it was a lot of fun. i thought my meal was a lot like visiting a gallery ... some plates i loved, but my friends didn't. some of them i didn't get, but appreciated the idea. this is a place to get the tasting menu if there ever was one.

                1. i thought the tasting menu was quite good - a very novel experience. however, it is expensive... if you did do the tasting i would avoid the wine pairing because the wine is a little too plentiful for you to pay attention to the food after a while.

                  i agree, the beef tongue was excellent. my favorite item was the smoked eel with snow peas and whipped caramel.

                  1. The beet wheel, the eel, the mussel foam and beef tongue sounds like they could be just the ticket. I usually avoid tasting menus because I get full by the second course! Still, I'll see what the table decides. Thanks all! I'm off.

                    1. Best to go for their hearty fare, such as the pork casserole for two or the super-sized prime rib.

                      1. I had the beef tongue with fried mayo (amazingly delicious) and the Rack of Lamb in banana consomme, followed by the Irish Coffee dessert which was out of this world. All three dishes were a little unusual but all were excellent. Others ate the pinenut cassoulet (good), foie gras (excellent and unusual), the squid noodles (I had a bite and can recommend it), and the hangar tartare (no report). For mains, the bass (crispy and nice), the turbot (okay), the pork belly (excellent). Service was good, the bathroom interesting, the music good. I will definitely go back!

                        (No foamy mussels on the menu and no eel or beet wheel either.)

                        1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's an overly expensive, but fun place to eat and drink. The foamy mussel soup I alluded to must have been a late spring/summery dish. Their menu changes seasonally.