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Nov 27, 2006 02:25 PM

Good Apple Strudel, in Brooklyn

Any recommendations for a kosher Brooklyn bakery that makes a really good apple strudel. The only ones that I've been able to find lately, are filled with a gummy apple filling, that is sickly sweet.
I like sweet, but not to that extreme.
I'm looking for one where you can still see and taste some individual pieces of apple, that still have some juiciness to them.

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  1. Chiffons Bakery, on Coney Island and J , has really good apple strudels. The apples aren't dry at all, and it isn't gummy. They also make other apple strudel type pastries, such as an apple Charlotte.

    1. Thanks very much! By pure coincidence, I was in Chiffon on Thursday, the day before you posted. I could tell just by looking at their strudel, that the filling wasn't gummy. You could still see the individual pieces of apple. This was much better than any of the strudels that I've had lately.
      My only complaint with this one is, that it was very heavy on the dark raisins. I don't mind a few, but there really were a lot in here. Sorry to be so picky.
      Any other suggestions out there?

      1. Williamsburgh has some traditional Hungarian bakeries that get it right