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Nov 27, 2006 02:19 PM

Fasika, Somerville

If anyone gets to the new Fasika in Somerville, I'd love to hear how it is. I was thinking of going there in the next week or two if it's as good as I think it will be.

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  1. I'm hoping to check it out tomorrow or Wednesday and will report back...

    1. - nothing very helpful up yet though. I'm excited to check this place out. Haven't had Ethopian in a couple of years, and we were just making plans on Sunday to go to Addis Red Sea. This would be even more exciting... although the bread did make my stomach swell up. I'll have to go easy on the bread this time.

      1. drove by here tonight with my wife. it looked like a townie bar: neon beer signs in the window, big tv's inside, a cook or waiter smoking out front. atmosphere wasn't doing it for me, so we rolled on (and had another fabulous meal at tu y yo). i'd love to hear what this place is like, but i feel that not renovating the place before opening was a huge mistake.

        1. Very good food. Very weird scene. They've divided the old pub from the restaurant with a short wall, so all the townie regulars peer at you suspiciously while you're dining.

          But the food is worthy, and they serve a traditional Ethiopian coffee service.

          I liked: Yebeg tibs (lamb, jalapenos, onions) and the kitfo (steak tartare with hot chile butter), and the mild lentils. The injera was nice and tangy, though just a little fluffier than I like. But still good.

          One advantage of being attached to a tavern is that you can order an actual cocktail.

          Neon beer signs: Apparently, the Ethiopian couple who own the restaurant bought the bar a few years' back and wanted to keep at least part of the place familiar for the longtime regulars.

          1. Finally made it last night. Four of us ordered the "combination for 2" but asked for enough food for all four of us. Our waitress was more than happy to answer our questions about the menu and made some suggestions. The combination for 2 allows you to order 3 meat and 4 vegetable dishes (to be served on the traditional bread). Because we were 4 people that total went up to 6 and 8, respectively. We made a few choices ourselves and then asked her to just surprise us with the rest to give us good variety.
            Essentially we ended up with one of almost everything.
            I'm sorry I can't remember the traiditional dish names, nor everything we ate - there was so much food! Here are some highlights:

            kitfo - very good, very very spicy
            collard greens - simple and delicious
            split peas - as my dad put it - "refreshingly mild" after all the spicy food
            yellow lentils - wonderful
            cabbage and potatos - not spicy, very good
            curried vegetables - i didn't try but these were my sister's favorite
            a mild lamb dish that was gone in under a minute we all loved it so much

            the injera was delicious

            as we neared the end of our feast the chef came out to see how we liked everything. He answered our many questions about the different seasonings and spices and was just so friendly.

            I am so thrilled to have this option only 3 blocks from my home as i will definitely be back!

            None of us were drinking last night, so our feast for four with a meal's worth of leftovers taken home by my sister after tax and tip was $50.

            Individual dishes are in the range of $8 - $11. There are also two "combo" options for individuals - a vegetarian and non-vegetarian which are about $20 and allow 4 choices, I believe.

            Don't let the funky atmosphere keep you away - this place is a gem!

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              Wow! Thanks so much for reporting back. That sounds amazing!

              1. re: yumyum

                It really was...I look forward to going back soon...and to having a great takeout option so close to home!

              2. re: heathermb

                Sounds awesome - thanks for the good report!

                Is the injera of the fairly light or darker (teff) variety? And is it sour or just plain? (I prefer the darker, sour kind myself but I've been tainted by a trip to Ethiopia a few years ago...)

                Personally I think the dodgier the atmosphere, the better the food... so I'm loving the neon signs.

                1. re: Sgt Snackers

                  I too prefer the darker more sour but this is pretty light and plain. Still a great vehicle for all the delicious food. And actually it was better for me b/c i didn't fill up just by eating the injera!

                  1. re: Sgt Snackers

                    Me too. This is my problem with Addis Red Sea. Are you saying these restaurants don't use sourdough teff? That would explain it!