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Nov 27, 2006 01:54 PM

Nice meal for two in the $50 range in the Southington, CT area?

I drew the name of a family member in a $50 "secret santa" gift exchange, and am thinking of a restaurant gift certificate. He and his wife live in Southington, CT. I don't know them well - from what I can tell they do enjoy food, but are far from being gourmets. Any suggestions? I really don't know the area at all. I'd prefer a place, if there is one, where the $50 would basically cover the entire bill for dinner, since I know they don't have a lot of extra money.


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  1. Anthony Jack's Wood-fired Grille on Center Street in downtown Southington. You can easily feed two people for $50. Entrees, including potato, vegetable and a garden or caesar salad, max out at about $24 but average between $15 to $18. Apps, big enough to share, run $7 -8. Desserts are in the $4-6 range. Reasonably good wines are available by the glass between $5-7. Also available are a nice selection of sandwiches and wraps that run around $7 with a small salad and french fries. The budget-buster would be any cocktails, including their martini selection, which can run up to $9 apiece. But generally speaking. they serve very good food in a warm welcoming atmosphere for a reasonable price.

    1. Thanks! Gift Certificate is ordered. I checked out their website and it's just what I had in mind.