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Nov 27, 2006 01:18 PM

A couple of bar and grill places in Sparks

There's a couple of new places in Sparks that are of interest to people looking for a decent meal.
Pinocchio's, long established on Moana Lane in Reno as a neighborhood place, opened a location in April on Vista Boulevard in Sparks just north of Disc Drive.
Not really gourmet food here, but well made restaurant food. I got the prime rib special on Saturday night. The prime rib was smoked and a nice cut of meat. The baked potato was perfect. The squash and brocolli for vegetables -- eh. But it's a great place to eat. I love their Tuesday night spaghetti special.
The second Timberline Lounge opened on Vista Boulevard near Baring Boulevard. I've eaten there three times. I got a dish with fettuccine noodles and chicken -- I can't remember the sauce -- and it was well made. Good noodles, good sauce and each chicken chunk was well seasoned. One place where maybe it fell down was the chicken itself. It seems like maybe instead of using fresh chicken they bought chicken breasts in bulk. BUt still pretty good.
I tried the prime rib at the Timberline Lounge also and it was good. The garlic mashed potatoes I could pass on.
The Timberline also bills itself as a martini bar with discount martinis on Sunday and Tuesday nights.

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