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Nov 27, 2006 01:18 PM

J Raleigh nc

Its a new place billed as primarily German but with some Polish stuff,,,anyone been there? I beleive its in one of the new developed areas downtown..

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  1. All I know is that it is in Seaboard Station - right across the street from Seaboard Wine and Logan Trading Company and next door to the brand new Capital Grocery.

    But I have no reviews, I'm afraid!

    1. A second hand review (a friend of mine went to the soft open) is that the food is rockin... austrian and german primarily. great wine list, too... that i can attest to first-hand. good to see John K back in the biz...

      1. Went last night for a belated Christmas party. This place ROCKS! The food is excellent, the wine and drink menu solid, and the beer selection is wonderful. Seeing as how I was with a bunch of beer geeks we sampled most of their beer varieties and pronounced them delicious. The wait staff were great and the owner/manager John was very personable and friendly.

        I'll go back as soon as I can get a my wife and my babysquatter to agree on a night.

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          Great news about the beer selection. Do tell: was it mostly Rheinheitsgebot-y Pilsners, Bocks, and the like? Or did the beer choices include locals and "big" offerings?

          Fellow Beer Geek

        2. This place is outstanding. Food, wine, and service are all first rate. John and Jeremy have knocked it out of the park. I can only see them getting better. I understand that they are going to add long picnic tables outside in the spring for a biergarten atmosphere. Too cool!

          1. I ate here Saturday night and it was AMAZING. My family is Polish and I was so excited to be able to have some authentic polish food. I had the stuffed cabbage with home made saurkraut and it was excellent. We shared the crab & mushroom pierogis and they were terrific. My date had the pork shoulder which came with kraut and potatoes. It had a taste and it was really, really good too. The service was great and they had a nice selection of beer. This was by far the best meal I have had in Raleigh in years! Thank you J Betskis!!!

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              Totally agree with this. Have had a couple of amazing meals there. One of the stars of the Triangle; best German/Polish food I've had since my grandmother's cooking.

              Will be taking quite a number of out-of-town guests here. Apparently good German food is hard to come by anywhere, as all of my upcoming guests have listed this place as their most anticipated.