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Nov 27, 2006 10:06 AM

Ideas for a feast in Amsterdam, (Is risjtaffel the way?)

This May I wil be travelling to Amsterdam to celebrate my brothers impending wedding. There will be a group of about ten of us. I have been delegated with finding a suitable restaraunt for Saturday of the weekend long festivities.
I need an excellent restaraunt that will accomadate ten people in a very festive manner. Cost is not as important as quality and fun.
Rijstaffel(spelling?) seems like a good bet. Any suggestions, and ideas? If its rijstaffel than which place gets the vote for best food and festive atmosphere?

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  1. When we were in Amsterdam having our obligatory Rijsttafel dinner, I noticed a large party seated not far away. We loved Samo Seba. It's a lovely restaurant with good food and waiters who explained the different foods to us. There are other restaurants serving the same food, but the friendly atmosphere won me over.

    1. I wasn't impressed by the ristafflle we just seemed like more of the same more of the same and yet still, more of the same. May i suggest you looking up The premise is that you eat at someone's house and get to meet and talk with locals ...My dude and I ate at a woman named Saskias and had a delightful Dutch meal with 20 other people all seated at one table lined up on AlbertKulp Strasse in the Pijp .It was the highlight of our trips and I wrote up a review for it on the Europe board (I think) Even if not for that meal, I would highly recommend the experience with the time you have there.

      1. The Netherlands is not famous for its fabulous cuisine. It's like England of 40 years ago in that regard. So, for interesting meals, rijsttafel (rice table - two t's, one f) is definitely the way to go. Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony, so Amsterdam has arguably the second best Indonesian food in the world, and it would a shame to miss it. Whenever I'm in AMS, I always partake. One place I've been to is a little place near the Spui called Kantjil & de Tijger, Spuistraat 291-293. Great ambiance, good dishes, fresh foods, and they do have alternatives if there's someone at the table who doesn't want the rijsttafel. It gets mixed reviews on Yahoo, but good reviews in the guide books. I suppose it depends on your expectations of "authentic", but that's another thread altogether. Here's there web site:

        click on the dinerkaart link for their menu. By the way, the Palm Speciaal Tap / Amber beer was really good!

        I'll be in AMS for a couple of days in mid-December, and may try a couple of other Indos while I'm there.

        Good luck with your trip, and enjoy Amsterdam!

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          Have to agree about Dutch food. Everything I read before going to Amsterdam described dutch food as blah and said that Indo was considered the "new" dutch cuisine.

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            yes, and no...i think there's new wave in Dutch food that focuses on locally produced ingredients done up and made with care...They were saying the same thing about Irish food 10 years ago and now it's on the "Fresh, organic, rising chef hitlist.......
            So, to say that Holland only does Indo well is to to say that New York only does Pizza well.

        2. We ate one of the top 10 meals of our lives (and this includes some terrific meals all over the world) in Amsterdam in September at a place called De Kas. We read about it in the New York Times ( and it was wonderful. Not cheap but definitely boisterous. I did notice quite a few large tables with big groups. The service was great, and the food was even better. However, it is a set menu, so if any of the group is picky, it might not be a good choice.

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              I take back what I said about Kanjil & den Tijger. Boring.

              Found a new (to me) place called Sahid Jaya. It is not a rijsttafel place, just amazingly good Indonesian food. The ikan pepesan was truly amazing, as was the sambal goreng buncis.

              And, they do have a private dining room available, for Gastrognome's wedding party.

              Sahid Jaya
              Reguliersdwarsstraat 26
              1 block south of the Bloemenmarket.

              We walked by Samo Seba, but it was only rijsttafel, and looked kind of so-so.

          1. Lauren,
            can you tell me a little about what you ate?


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              Well, first I should tell you that the restaurant is about 15 mins. from central Amsterdam, but worth the ride - the entire place looks like a greenhouse, and they grow much of the food fresh on the premises. We had the set menu with wines. Three starters that we shared - an onion tart served with frisee salad with goat cheese vinaigrette, brill with bok choy and saffron sauce, and seared tuna with a fruit salsa, fennel seed and olive tapenade. It was followed by ribeye of veal with a side of leeks, mushrooms and baked polenta. We had three cheeses that were amazing and a dessert that unfortunately we did not write down (by then the wines were starting to affect us). So if I had to characterize the food, it was very farm-fresh and organic in style. Quite delicious. Let me know if you have any other questions.