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300 Ways to enjoy toast

This link has 300 toast toppings.

I like the ideas of
- spread with peanut butter and drizzled with hot fudge
- butter, honey & walnuts
- apple pie filling, cheddar cheese & crushed red hot candies
- almond butter & dates

Not appealing to me
- spread with canned frosting
- garlic spray and applesauce
- Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and low fat small curd cottage cheese
- peanut butter & mayo

Not sure if these would be good or bad
- cheddar cheese & orange marmelade
- peanut butter and breakfast cereal like corn flakes
- goat cheese & jam
- peanut butter, hot apple sauce, whipped cream

Pretty funny link around the last few items called Breakfast with Jesus ... about people who find images of Jesus on the toast or pancakes. Should you be tempted by this type of item on eBay, just know there is a company that sells pans that will imprint a Jesus picture on your pancakes.

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  1. cream cheese and jelly (raspberry is quite nice)

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      Inspired by the article where one person put cranberry sauce on their toast I had one slice this morning with butter topped with cranberry sauce and another had cream cheese with cranberry sauce. I think if you like jelly, you might like the cranberry sauce.

      1. with sauteed veggies on top

        1. Once I ran out of butter and instead put olive oil on my toast. This is very yummy and with the right kind of bread (sesame or ciabatta) something i enjoy often. Also marrow spread on toast is delish. Other savory yum yums would include sauteed mushrooms or maybe a very juicy tomato with salt and EVOO. Like brushetta. (I know I spelled it wrong!)

          1. i can vouch for the goat cheese and jam combo

            i like:

            melted sharp cheddar and jam (better yet, fig preserves)
            jalapeno jelly
            tahini and pomegranate syrup
            lemon curd and sliced strawberries

            1. What about butter with cinammon sugar?

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                That's my favorite, along with butter and peanut butter so it gets all melty

                1. peanut butter, honey, and cayenne

                  rubbed with garlic, butter, and an anchovy or two

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                    peanut butter and honey - my favorite!

                    I love butter and quince jam too... or just butter and honey.

                    whoever said bone marrow on toast, they serve it at Cragie St. Bistro and it is SO delicious... with just a bit of salt sprinkled on top.

                    I have yet to try peanut butter and pickles or peanut butters and bananas. I don't think I'd like the pickles, but a lot of people swear by it!

                  2. The greatest YUK from my childhood: Creamed Tuna on Toast.

                    1. I must have tried about 3 dozen of these...just had brie on dark german toast this morning, in fact. Yum.

                      Some suggestions did not sound appetizing, though.
                      (especially anything ending in -ite).

                      I know brits like baked beans on toast, and though I love baked beans, it just didn't do anything for me.

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                      1. re: DonShirer

                        i looooove baked beans on toast. warmed up, or straight out of the can. with ketchup.

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                          Oh but Marmite is divine!

                          I didn't see one of my favorites--rye toast with melted extra sharp cheddar and red onion.

                        2. If you can find real "HP Sauce", a thick brown sauce from England, try melting sharp cheddar on toast with a lashing of HP. It's the quickest, tastiest, toast you'll ever try!

                          1. I like this:

                            Take a slice of thick cut whole wheat toast, spread it with butter and a thin scraping of Marmite, then top with a nice, sharp Cheddar and broil it until the cheese is all melty. If tomatoes are in season, put a slice under the cheese before broiling. Delish.

                            1. Cold spaghetti on buttered toast is a favorite midnight snack.

                              Shut up.

                                1. Nutella and peanut butter...salty & sweet!! YUM! or almond butter with apple butter!

                                  1. Soft goat cheese with good jam or preserves is lovely; it gives a nice bit of tang with the sweet and fruity. Goat cheese with caramelized onions is wonderful, especially if you warm them first. I make a carmelized onion topping for crostini that includes some sugar and balsamic vinegar, and it's especially great with goat cheese on toast.

                                    Ricotta with jam, apple butter, or a drizzle of honey is wonderful.

                                    I prefer goat cheese, quark, fromage frais, or ricotta on toast to cream cheese any day. I also like cottage cheese piled on toast sometimes. For a while, I was getting this house-brand orange whole wheat bread at TJ's that had a great flavor and a bit of sweetness, and a pile of plain cottage cheese on that made a great breakfast.

                                    Butter and and interesting honey are an ideal complement to a good cup of tea.

                                    For savory, I like ajvar, a jarred red pepper-eggplant spread, sprinkled with grated Parmesan.

                                    1. Melted cheddar topped with sliced nacho-style jalapeƱos. This is even better on toasted english muffin (does that count as toast?).

                                      1. One of my fantasies is to have a section on my restaurant (imaginary, so far) menu called "Things on toast"

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                                          I love it! I would so go to a restaurant called "things on toast"!

                                          And it makes me think of one of my favorite cookbooks - a small French tome simply called "Toasts". My favorite recipe from this cookbook involves whizzing toasted pine nuts, Cabrales blue cheese, and a splash of brandy, then smearing on toast. Yum!


                                        2. Sweets:
                                          --peanut butter, honey, and banana
                                          --pumpkin butter
                                          --maple sugar spread

                                          -- French's yellow mustard, brie, and good black forest ham
                                          -- miracle whip, mashed hard boiled egg whites, salt & pepper

                                          ... Question that just sprung into my head: What's the dividing line between stuff on toast and an openface sandwich??

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                                            Whether you can lift the thing up with fingers? I guess if it's so hefty that you need a knife & fork it's definitely an openface sandwich!

                                          2. I thought Welsh Rarebit is the original melted cheese on toast.

                                            When we went to a timeshare in Hawaii that didn't have a stove (but has a microwave and toaster), I did a cheese on toast by first toasting the bread, then put the sliced cheddar on top, and zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds or until the cheese melted. That way the bread was still crispy and not soggy.

                                            1. Apricot jam with chunks of apricots and butter.
                                              Butter and cream cheese
                                              Salsa and cottage cheese
                                              Mozzarella, parmesan, and marinara sauce
                                              Pumpkin butter with chopped pecan pralines
                                              Ricotta and cinnamon sugar
                                              Egg toast with a thin layer of gravy and a topping of cranberry sauce, the jellied kind... this is a relative of the post-Turkey day sandwich consisting of egg bread buttered with turkey, maybe a thin layer of mashed potatoes maybe, a layer of cranberry sauce, the moist maker (a slice of egg bread soaked in gravy, more turkey, little more cranberry, buttered egg bread.
                                              Peanut butter mixed with melted white chocolate and spread with raspberry or boysenberry preserves

                                              1. Nutella Toast
                                                Nutella and Fluff
                                                cream cheese and boysenberry jam
                                                sugar and cinnamon but it needs a thick heavy layer of BUTTER first
                                                peanut butter
                                                peanut butter and jelly
                                                peanut butter and jelly with FLUFF

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                                                1. re: MeffaBabe

                                                  I also forgot the
                                                  bacon sandwich with ketchup
                                                  On a toasted Endlish Muffin I love fresh tomatoe and melted cheese

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                                                    "On a toasted Endlish Muffin I love fresh tomatoe and melted cheese," with a sprinkle of oregano! mmm....... Taste of Grandma's. Also, and this is so the best -- hot dog buns spread with butter, sprinkled heavily with canned parmesan cheese (I know! This is the only thing I use it for. *hides*), and toaster-ovened. Oh my.

                                                2. Melted cheese with a slice of tomato.

                                                  1. bacon sandwiches on toasted bread with butter. my husband's a brit - otherwise, i'd never put bacon fat up against butter...but it tastes GREAT, it must be said. my husband likes beans on toast as some others have said.

                                                    1. pumpkin butter from Trader Joe's

                                                      1. Two favorites from when I lived in Germany:

                                                        Hawaiitoast - Nice ham, pineapple, fontina-like cheese. Must have a toaster oven for this one.

                                                        Quark and pflaumenmus (plum butter). I think this was an East German thing, but I found the combination awfully good.

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                                                        1. re: shoo bee doo

                                                          Those two made appearances quite frequently on my host families table in Berlin.

                                                          I love the pflaumenmus.

                                                        2. Creamed chipped beef on toast! Very nice.