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Nov 27, 2006 06:54 AM

300 Ways to enjoy toast

This link has 300 toast toppings.

I like the ideas of
- spread with peanut butter and drizzled with hot fudge
- butter, honey & walnuts
- apple pie filling, cheddar cheese & crushed red hot candies
- almond butter & dates

Not appealing to me
- spread with canned frosting
- garlic spray and applesauce
- Chef Boyardee Beefaroni and low fat small curd cottage cheese
- peanut butter & mayo

Not sure if these would be good or bad
- cheddar cheese & orange marmelade
- peanut butter and breakfast cereal like corn flakes
- goat cheese & jam
- peanut butter, hot apple sauce, whipped cream

Pretty funny link around the last few items called Breakfast with Jesus ... about people who find images of Jesus on the toast or pancakes. Should you be tempted by this type of item on eBay, just know there is a company that sells pans that will imprint a Jesus picture on your pancakes.

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  1. cream cheese and jelly (raspberry is quite nice)

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    1. re: marlie202

      Inspired by the article where one person put cranberry sauce on their toast I had one slice this morning with butter topped with cranberry sauce and another had cream cheese with cranberry sauce. I think if you like jelly, you might like the cranberry sauce.

      1. with sauteed veggies on top

        1. Once I ran out of butter and instead put olive oil on my toast. This is very yummy and with the right kind of bread (sesame or ciabatta) something i enjoy often. Also marrow spread on toast is delish. Other savory yum yums would include sauteed mushrooms or maybe a very juicy tomato with salt and EVOO. Like brushetta. (I know I spelled it wrong!)

          1. i can vouch for the goat cheese and jam combo

            i like:

            melted sharp cheddar and jam (better yet, fig preserves)
            jalapeno jelly
            tahini and pomegranate syrup
            lemon curd and sliced strawberries

            1. What about butter with cinammon sugar?

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              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                That's my favorite, along with butter and peanut butter so it gets all melty