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Bermuda bound

Going in 2 weeks for 4 days. Was there 2 years ago. Any new dining spots or old stand bys that are must goes? Would like to plan one exceptional dinner out to celebrate 18th wedding anniversary. Other than that want to keep it casual w plenty of seafood and salads. Where shall we go?

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  1. The Reefs is superb on all levels.

    1. Definately The Reefs, also Waterloo House and the Newport Room at Fairmont Southampton as options for the anniversary dinner. What part of the island will you be on and how are you getting around?

      1. I'm renting an apt. in Shelly Bay and will be getting around on the 3 day bus pass.

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          Shaebones I'm going to Shelly Bay and have an apartment as well. Just curious where you stayed.

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            I stayed here. I think the name of the street is Old Bay Road which is off the main road not far from the supermarket. The owner is a doll. She's the consierge at The Grotto so knows all the good places to go on the Island.


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              Bingo; thought this may be where you stayed. Any way we can email each other about E08??? I'm new here and don't see an email member option anywhere here.

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                Shaebones do you have any pics of E08???

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                  Sorry, no pics. I posted my email address on my profile (under blog). Feel free to email me w any questions.

          2. That's near where I live. I walk every morning on the part of the railway trail that starts at Shelly Bay beach. There's Rustico in Flatts and another small restaurant practically next door for breakfast and lunch, they've been renovating - not sure if it's open yet. The Swizzle Inn is OK for burgers and fish sandwiches. The Bailey's Bay Cricket Club on Coney Island has Jamaican food and the Black Horse in St David's has seafood.

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              Stayed near the Flatts 6 years ago and know Rustico well. It was my very first meal in Bermuda :)Have been to Black Horse and Swizzle too. Cricket Club sounds interesting. Where is Coney Island?

            2. It's in Bailey's Bay, not far from the old Perfume Factory and Swizzle Inn, check your map, and ask your bus driver to let you off at the nearest bus stop.

              1. Be sure to hit the ice cream shop across from Swizzle Inn. Dark & Stormy ice cream was excellent. Many dislike the Swizzle Inn, but I always go for a swizzle and fish chowder. The fish and chips are usually good as well.

                The Spot in Hamilton is very good and as about as close to cheap eats as you'll get in Bermuda. Very local.

                I've heard good things about The Green Lantern, a totally local place northwest of Hamilton. Never been but it sounds very intriguing.



                1. Athena - What about Cafe Gio? We were recently anchored in St. George's for two weeks, and some fellow cruisers swore it was the best spot in the island. And easily accessible via bus.

                  Sheabones - you might really like the Black Horse Tavern in St. Davids. Many say that it is the best fish sandwich in the island, my husband agreed. Try it with hot sauce and cole slaw on top.

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                    We were in St. George's a few months ago and went to Cafe Gio. What a disappointment! Food has gone seriously downhill from when it was San Giorgio's. We had Bermuda fish chowder in every restaurant we visited, and this was the only place where we DIDN'T like it. Prices are ridiculously high for the quality of the food.
                    For casual with a great view, I'd recommend Mickey’s Beach Bistro & Bar at Elbow Beach FOR LUNCH. The chicken curry salad is GREAT!

                  2. Cafe Gio started out well, but have to agree with Anne that it's gone dowhill. I love the fish sandwiches at the Black Horse - and shark hash if they happen to have landed a shark that day. As for fish chowder, I find that when non-Bermudian cooks/chefs make it, it lacks the mysterious brown depths it should have.

                    1. Honestly in June we did NOT have a good meal in St.Georges. That place is crying for a decent eatery.