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Nov 27, 2006 05:08 AM

Bombay v Sapphire

As a die hard Bombay Sapphire drinker, I was surprised when my partner pulled a blind taste test on me. I picked the Bombay Dry over the sapphire. He's happy cause it's less expensive. Upon reading the label there are only two more herbs in the Sapphire than in the Dry.
Any input?

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  1. Lots of people are surprised when they find out a "well known" brand is inferior to other brands - your test just so happened to include 2 products from the same label. For instance, Jack Daniels is really low quality stuff, but people drink it by the bucket load because it has a great name associated with it. Same goes for Bacardi, Jose Cuervo, Absolut, Crown Royal... the list could go on. Now, these brands are certainly not toilet water, but there are far better alternatives out there. I suggest you try some other brands that are unknown to you and I think you'll be surprised. Your wallet will thank you too! BTW, I completely agree with your taste on the Bombay! Cheers!

    1. If you want to read a ton of gin reviews go to this link and do a search under gin and gin notes.

        1. I feel the same about tangueray versus tang 10. To my buds tang 10 and sapphire are made for people who like the more neutral flavor of vodka.

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            Someone just gave me a bottle of Tang 10. I will be disappointed, but not surprised, if it is neutral like vodka ...

          2. I would definitely agree with you on that. Hands down I would pick the regular Bombay over Sapphire. Though I'm no expert the main taste difference between the two is the Bombay is more "gin-y" tasting. Lets face it though, the Sapphire has a much cooler bottle. ;)

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            1. re: Jbrotcke

              And 17% more alcohol. Sapphire to my taste is cleaner,smoother, crisper and makes me giggle faster. It's also less flavorful.