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Nov 27, 2006 02:59 AM

Chow lunch Jesse Wong's Hong Kong December 1st

A group of us (four so far) are venturing out from Baltimore to Jesse Wong's Hong Kong in Columbia for dim sum lunch this Friday, December 1st. This seems to be the nearest place to Baltimore with good dim sum, according to previous messages. If the smaller weekday offerings are promising, we can return later on a weekend, when more exotic choices are available, and from carts.
Want to join us this Friday?
email me off the Boards at

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  1. Actually, the best dim sum joint nearest Baltimore is probably Oriental Manor in Catonsville as opposed to Jesse Wong's. Jesse's isn't bad, they have a very nice decor, and they offer cart service on weekends, but it's a bit overpriced and they serve a mostly white clientele. Last time I was at Oriental Manor, there were many cantonese speaking asians.

    1. The quality at Jesse Wong's Hong Kong has really improved since the first opened, especially for the weekend Dim Sum. I now rate them ahead of Oriental Manor for food quality and especially selection, which is always an issue at Oriental Manor (during cart service). I do still probably prefer Oriental Manor for dinner/menu ordering, but Jesse Wong's has improved in this area as well.

      1. Jesse Wongs is an excellent choice. The presentation is lovely and the food is delicious. I prefer Jesse Wongs over Oriental Manor.

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          Since a bunch of us in this small group have all eaten at Oriental Manor together--granted, it was some time ago--we should be able to compare! (And, report back, of course!)