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Nov 27, 2006 02:08 AM

good hot dogs around maplewood new jersey

I just moved from Chicago to Maplewood,NJ.Can a good Chicago style hot dog be found anywhere?

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  1. If Linden is not too far for you, try J's Beef.

    Here's their website...

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    1. J's Beef is the only place in the tri state area where you can get a truly authentic Chicago Hot Dog. I would also suggest that you try Syd's on Morris Ave. in Springfield for the best regular hot dog.

      1. As hotdoglover tells it, Syds is the last of the big three in M'wood area. They used to be in the Millburn Mall (Vauxhall) along side one of the other Big 3, Tabatchnicks. The last and I think the best of the Big 3 was Don's on South Orange Ave, but they closed years ago.

        Has anyone tried Syd's new location?

        How long has J's been there? I grew up in Elizabeth on the Roselle/Linden borders and do not remember.

        1. jfood,

          I've been to Syd's new location once. They are sharing Tony's Place on Morris Ave. Called Syd's at Tony's Place, or Tony's Place Featuring Syd's, the place is set up similar to Syd's. Long and very narrow. Same great dogs. When I went a few weeks ago, the only Syd's items on the menu were hamburgers and hot dogs. I was disapointed with Tony's fries. Frozen rather than handcut like Syd's. I've since heard that Syd's fries are available along with their steak sandwiches, kookamungas, and a few other items.

          J's opened earlier this year. Around April or May. Right near the Linden/Rahway border. I believe the location was a pizzeria before it was J's.

          Unfortunately, I've never been to Don's, but I know it was very popular. They used a Best Provision dog (like Syd's) but theirs was a thick quarter pounder that was prepared on a griddle. Amazing Hot Dog in Verona uses this same dog, but they deep fry it. Syd's uses a longer, thinner 5 to a lb dog. You can get it boiled or grilled. Grilled is actually boiled first, then charbroiled. Tabatchnick's used a monster sized 1/3 lb dog from Empire National. It was a kosher dog with a collagen casing that was prepared on a griddle. Good, but I preferred Syd's.

          1. Id like to big up Syds as well! I didnt realize they moved, I was there about 3 or 4 months ago, unless im confused.
            I have great childhood memories of eating footlong dogs, and spinning on their barstools.
            Shame about Tzbatniks.
            If dons is still in business, which im not sure about, they served a dog called the "pearl dog" I know this because my parents also serve it at their restaraunt, and my dad is addicted to them. Personally i like a thinner snappier dog, like Syds.