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Nov 27, 2006 02:03 AM

Oceanside Knish Factory

I passed by the Oceanside Knish Factory in Oceanside, Long Island and decided to see what they offered. They have all types of knishes, rugelach, blintzes, quiches, and kugels. I had a kasha knish. It was pretty good.

What I found interesting is that they also do catering through their Mr. Omelette branch. Their takeout menu had some interesting salads on it.

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  1. What is the Kashrut?

    1. I checked out the websites. The knish factory has star K certification, which is a well accepted hechsher.
      The Mr. Omelette website makes no mention of a hechsher.
      I would be surprised if they had one, and didn't indicate it on the website. On the other hand, I would also be surprised if the two places are connected, that the star K would give one a hechsher, if the other didn't qualify.
      I e-mailed Mr. Omelette to find if they are kosher certified, and am waiting for a reply.

      1. I belive that both are under (or are somehow affiliated with) the Vaad of Oceanside. The rabbonim on the Vaad are Rabbi Muskat of the YI of Oceanside and Rabbi Friedmann of Darchei Noam.

        1. I got a quick reply from Scott, at Mr. Omelette, who says that it is under Star K supervision.

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            I just checked out the Knish Factory link and they also say they are under the Star-K. I guess the O'side Vaad is no longer involved.