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Nov 27, 2006 01:31 AM

New "Burmese Cafe" in Jackson Heights

Just driving by and noticed a new Burmese restaurant on Roosevelt at 72nd Street. We asked the waitress inside and she said it's been open for 2 weeks. Anyone been there yet with review/rec's?

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  1. I just noticed the Burmese Restaurant at 11:30 this morning. Curtains were drawn so couldn't look inside. The door leading into the place is all metal and no indication it was open or anyone was inside. No menu posted outside. This is all very negative. Pushed open the door and went in and was greeted by very loud music and a young waitress. No take out menu's. Looked at the regular menu. Large soups, Burmese Chinese Dishes, Burmese Curry Dishes, Appetizers and Desserts. All very reasonable. Nothing on the menu seemed interesting. I'll wait for a review.

    1. "Curtains were drawn so couldn't look inside. The door leading into the place is all metal and no indication it was open or anyone was inside. No menu posted outside. This is all very negative."
      Why negative? sounds very much like Sripraphai in its earlier days. I'd say it sounds promising.

      1. i'm burmese and just tried this restaurant tonight. i found it to be a little better than village mingala in manhattan. enjoyed the lephet thoat and the fish curry (although the waitress said it was butterfish but i think it was catfish or bullhead). would not recommend the Mo-hinga, oh no kyauk swe. it does seem promising though and would return to try other dishes since the options for burmese food in ny are limited.

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          Is there a Mingala in the West Village as well as the East Village? Do you think that this new place merits a trip to Jackson Heights from the East Village? (I used to like Mingala about 15 years ago and haven't been back in at least 13 years, I figure, since they changed their chef and it deteriorated drastically.)

          1. re: Pan

            There's also an uptown Café Mingala, at 1393 2nd Ave (between 72nd and 73rd). I haven't been to the downtown branch but the uptown one is fantastic. I've been there several times and it's consistently wonderful and usually empty.

          2. re: juhlee

            Do they have thousand layer bread? I love it. Any coconut curry?
            Oh, I need to try this place.

            1. re: nobody special

              I don't remeber if they have thousand layer bread on the menu or not. Actually don't know if I've ever even tried thousand layer bread. Typical Burmese curries don't have coconut in them. If you want coconut curry, try Thai food. There is a chicken coconut noodle soup that is a popular Burmese dish but the Burmese Cafe has a poor version of it. The best place that I've had coconut noodle soup is at Jaiya in Chinatown. It is the Malaysian version but boy is it good, and hot.

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                Jaiya in Chinatown? You mean Jaya. Jaiya is a Thai restaurant, and not in Chinatown.

                1. re: Pan

                  they just missed a letter, it's jaya-it is a malaysian restaurant in chinatown

                  1. re: daniellaczar

                    Jaya on Baxter is great. When the weather permits they have outdoor seating, staff are extemely attentive and friendly. There is a small bar around the corner that has karaoke several times a week for those interested in hitting the mic.

                  2. re: Pan

                    Is this Jaiya in Jackson Heights?
                    Are they still open? I used to eat here before discovering Sri.

                    1. re: foodzot

                      They're talking about Jaya Malasian on Baxter in Manhattan Chinatown. Jaiya Thai, formerly on Broadway near Baxter in Elmhurst, is no more.

            2. I tried the place last night too, for a take-out. The waitress was super nice and even offered me tea while I was waiting for my food. I had never had Burmese, so cannot compare, but I liked what I got. For two of us, I got this duck soup (sorry don't remember the burmese name - it's under Burmese specialties), beef curry and fish cake salad. Everything had a very unique different taste. Duck soup had some pieces of duck (with bone and skin) and fresh and pickled bokchoy or mustard greens (?), the broth was very thick almost glutenous, rich with tiny pieces of duck. The soup had this rich flavor with ginger and sourish from the pickles and don't know what else, I thought it would be a perfect dish for when you have cold. The curry was very good too and completely different tasting from any other SE or South Asian curries (curry was red, sort of like rendang, but different tasting from rendang). The fish cake salad was great too - crunchy from the cabbage (?) and and fried fish, had lots of fish cake in it - enough to make a meal. My total with rice and tax was just under $20. My only complaint was that both hot dishes were not hot enough (I had to re-heat them at home). They're open 7 days a week 10 to 10.

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                Come to think of it one evening we ordered the shrimp sambai. It arrived cold and undercooked. we sent it back and they brought out another order and didn't charge us for it. The roti chanai is amazing and very inexpensive.

                There is Pinang Malaysian on Queens Blvd. Really good. Took an uncle from Malaysia there and I asked him "how does it compare with the food in Malaysia" and he said "It is really authenic and delicious.
                It's also a beauitful restaurant with a very helpful staff.and if I am not mistaken you have a full view of the kitchen from the seating area.

              2. Don't know if there is a Mingala in the West village. I went to the one in the East village and have never returned.
                Regarding whether Burmese Cafe merits a trip or not, sure if you want to try something that is different from other Asian cuisines out there. The Roosevelt Avenue area is worth visiting alone for the mulititude of ethnic restaurants in the area. I'm going back.