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Cambridge Common

Just had dinner there... and I must say that their Meditterannean Plate was more than mediocre. What should I have ordered? Friends are fans, so I know I'll end up there again in the future.

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  1. The sweet potato fries and fried pickles are my favorites in the area, although my friends love the spicy fries and the restaurant just earned the best tots according to Stuff at Night. The salads are really good here as well.

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      Sweet potato fries, beer & tater tots for me.

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        I love buffalo wings! I'll have to try them. Thanks!

      2. I always loved their burgers, and I would second the sweet potato fries. What we really used to go for was good beer, especially the sampler!

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          ditto the burgers, sweet potato fries and beer selection.

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            We definitely went for a sampler. I like that you can create your own, instead of just going with the staff picks

          2. I was there on Wednesday night. got the extra hot boneless buffalo wings as usual. They are about the best boneless wings in the Boston area. Good beer selection, too. I did that 4-beer sampler that others mentioned here....

            1. We've been going to CC on a weekly basis for the last year or so and really like the place. Their beer selection is good. We too like the sweet potato chips as well as the tater tots. Great comfort food and a good atmosphere.

              1. I always get the same thing - the english burger with tater tots - and beer of course.

                1. Sounds like the Med. plate may have been an afterthought on the menu to accommodate the Harvard vegetarians who join their carnivore friends for burgers and beers?

                  1. I just wanted something light after a heavier lunch, and the Med plate was awful. The couscous was bland, the hummus was seriously lacking in flavor, and the pita bread was almost soggy.

                    1. I've been to Cambridge Common a couple of times and haven't found much reason to return. If I was walking down Mass Ave and thirsty I might grab a beer, but I don't really like the place and wouldn't get food. I'd choose John Harvard's over CC it's more convenient, less claustrophobic, and brews it's own beers.

                      1. Is anything here actually prepared with fresh ingredients? It always seems like everything here comes from a can or a freezer bag. That was crazy that Stuff at Night applauded their tater tots when they are not made from scratch and probably come from Sysco.

                        That being said, I love the beer selection (served in a room temp glass).

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                          The tater tots deal is one of those things that just seems to be catching on mainly because few restaurants have them, and they are cool in a retro way. I've heard more than one person rave about Cambridge Common having tater tots, even though they are the same kind you get at Foodmaster. Kind of a cult/underground thing, I guess! (Who knew that tater tots would become cool?)

                        2. I really like Cambridge Common for the beer selection and the relaxed atmosphere, but I think the food is just passable. I've noticed it gets more and more comforting as you drink more and more beer! For better food in a pub atmosphere I would try Christopher's or O'Sullivan's.

                          The sweet potato fries at Cambridge Common aren't bad, but dipping them with maple syrup doesn't work for me--too sweet.

                          1. The brewer's dinners are excellent -- a departure from the regular burgers and beer. I like the veggie burger, egg salad, and green salad -- the homemade balsamic dressing is awesome. and of course the sweet potato fries. They have the same owners as Christopher's, which means I always want the food to be great, but most of the time it's just OK, and that's OK w/me -- the beer is really the highlight (as you said ponyboy, in a room temp glass only!)

                            1. One thing about Cambridge Common: The bartenders are really nice folks, but sometimes they can be reallllly reallllly slowwwwwwww..........during those times it is best to order your drinks two at a time.

                              Last week when I was there the bartenders were fine, though. Not slow at all. Of course, it was pretty quiet there, so maybe that's why...