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Nov 27, 2006 01:02 AM

Latin America Cafeterias? Where'd they go?

Just got back from a quick vacation in Miami only to discover that my favorite cuban sandwich place, Latin America, has been closed. I also learned that the location at Coral Gables is closed. Does anyone know what happened?

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  1. Latin America on 68th street in Hialeah is closed?! What?! Impossible! How could that possibly happen? Did you go by there on Thanksgiving Day -- maybe they closed for the day. (I'm driving over there tommorrow to look!)

    1. 27th Ave in the Grove=closed

      Original location on Coral Way=closed

      As for the other ones out in the boondocks of Dade county
      :-) I have no idea-but I do wish they'd open up again on the East side. The Latin Cafe (no relation) on Biscayne Blvd is a very poor substitute...and boarderline dreadful.

      The original L.A. was one of my staples. It got wolloped by Wilma and never reopened. I thought I saw a sign saying it would reopen, but a drive by the other day proved that it is still sadly closed. I got to say, I thought it was better than Versailles, which is IMHO over-rated.

      What are some other great Cubano joints on the eastside? Please, I need a replacement for L.A., and have yet to find anything worthy. I'm looking for inexpensive - casual - quick - easy access - aka - bueno - bonito y barato.

      Any good recommendations other la carreta and versailles? Both of which will do in a pinch, but are nothing special, nor are they worthy of weekly or bi-monthly visits.

      Give it up MIA! Por favor!!!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. The place across the street from Green Street, Mambo Cafe?, on Main H'way in the Grove is acceptable

          1. I like Sergio's (Coral Way and 32nd or 27th?). Great lechon sandwich.