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Nov 27, 2006 12:27 AM

a horrible dinner at nobu (tribeca)

last saturday night, my husband and i had a spontaneous dinner at nobu in our neighborhood. what a disgrace. the sushi was terrible. bad! i complained and asked the waiter if it was just that it was saturday night and all the out of towners were there? how could nobu possibly serve bad fish?? he asked if i had even eaten sushi there and i said we had it at nobu next door all the time. he said that the sushi was much better over there. what?!? the arctic charr was totally overcooked - chewy and dry. service was aloof and distracted. nobu sucks. tataki is terrible too, now, used to be great. is there any decent sushi in tribeca?

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  1. I agree about Nobu, especially the sushi. And who needs the attitude? If you want seriously good sushi in Tribeca, try the six-seat sushi bar at Bouley Upstairs. First-rate quality, two great chefs. Go early or expect to wait. Every time I eat there, I pass Nobu on the way home and think about all the suckers there.

    1. I went to NOBU once and was not impressed. I will never go back there.

      1. I don't think this is going to satisfy the original poster, but Nobu really is not a sushi restaurant. I have found the sushi to be passable, but it is never the highlight of the meal. I love Nobu for its "greatest hits" dishes like the miso cod and the rock shrimp tempura, and I think it is an absolutely stellar restaurant when the chefs put extra effort into the omakase when you request something special.

        1. been meaning to get to bouley upstairs - great notion, thanks :)
          associeat, i feel you, i really do, but bad fish?? maybe i will try the omakase though....

          1. agree with AssociEat - don't go to Nobu for sushi - the dishes are wonderful, sushi has always just been OK