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Good Tapas in New York?

Looking for an AUTHENTIC tapas restaurant or bar. Doesn't need to be expensive or fancy, just super super homemade and authentic food. Preferably in manhattan, but would travel to brooklyn, queens or the bronx for the real thing. Anyone know? Thanks, David

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  1. You could go to Casa mono on Irving place. The food is really good and their formula of wines by the quartino is so fun. You can try a couple of wines without breaking the bank!

    1. Las Ramblas. Do a search for "tapas"

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        I was about to recommend this and thought better of it since i don't want to overcrowd this favorite spot of mine.

        It's a tiny space, but the tapas and the sangria (esp strawberry) are to die for.

      2. Tia Pol (205 10th Ave) is by far the best tapas i have had in a long, long time

        P.s. You should go willing to wait for a table as it is a tiny place

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          I also like Tia Pol. It has been a while since I have been to Barcelona, so I can no longer comment on authenticity.

        2. i absolutely loved my meal at boqueria a few weeks ago. had a few bottles of great spanish red wine from rioja and a amazing sampling of the tapas including: quail egg with chorizo, bacalao fritters, mixed croquettas, patatas bravas, veal terrine, pan con tomate, a great cheese course, and a few other dishes. it was all great. only problem is that it gets a little cramped in there. i suggest you make like the spanish and get there after 10 or so.

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            can anyone give a review on Xunta? from another website, the author said it's one of his top 5's. just wondering if it's the same for you guys

          2. Tia Pol and Las Ramblas are both really good and pretty authentic.

            1. Tintol is a Portuguese tapas bar. I haven't been but have heard it's quite authentic.


              Btw, while I like Casa Mono, from what I gather, it's more Mario Batali's take on Spanish tapas than the real deal.

              1. I second Boqueria, Tia Pol and Casa Mono - but actually think Bar Jamon is slightly more authentic, though don't think any of the above are really "authentic".
                Tintol is pretty good - but I wouldn't go unless midtown is a more convenient location.

                1. I second the recommendation of Boqueria. Fantastic tortilla espanol, croquetas as well as bigger plates of paella and suckling pig. The crowds are a pain though. The tapas are also great at Solera on the East Side at 53rd but the atmosphere is much less festive. My party was divided on La Nacional when we went. I liked it but others were really disappointed. It's also far more expensive than you might expect.

                  1. I will always ALWAYS stand by 'inoteca....

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                      'Inoteca is great but it's Italian, not Spanish, so probably shouldn't be recommended as having authentic tapas.

                    2. Pintxos is our favorite tapas in New York. It's Basque, or so it claims, but many of the dishes I have had at other tapes places, only not so well done. It's a tiny place run with only a few people, each of which seems to be either Basque or Spanish, and the cook goes home by ten, if not earlier. I have been otld by others, when I mentioned it that they were taken there by Spaniards. It's on Greenwich St. just north of Canal.

                      1. Do any of these places take reservations?

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                          I am pretty sure Pintxos does, because they have told me tables were reserved. I never had or needed a reservation, when I went to Pintxos.

                        2. I loved Boqueria as well and would also like to add Alta- a hidden gem in the west village.

                          1. I just recently had tapas at the bar @ Urena.... it was wonderful. My friend I shared the tapas tasting, 6 tapas of your choice fro $35 (from 6 categories although they allowed us to have 2 from one and none from another). It was wonderful and plenty of food for the both of us. Since the restaurant was farily empty the bartender also gave us an amuse bouche as well as a small dessert at the end on the house. I'm not sure why this place is being overlooked, I enjoyed the tapas here, more than I have elsewhere in nyc.

                            1. I would not recommend Boqueria. I was absolutely underwhelmed when I ate there.

                              1. Well on the authentic front that would be La Nacional but the food is mediocre. Tapas in NY is just not gonna happen, rents are too high, etc. This is an Andalucian tradition that went north with the "charnegos" and it is hard enough to get the real deal in Barna or Madrid without paying the equivilant of a 10 dollar slice. I'd just go bar hopping in the Ironbound...