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Nov 26, 2006 11:44 PM

how do i store gorgonzola?

does anyone have tips on how best to store gorgonzola cheese? is it better to wrap it in foil or plastic wrap? or just put it in a container?

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  1. Murray's Cheese in NYC says the goal is to keep cheese moist but also let it "breathe". Waxed paper and foil is better than plastic wrap, and also they said you should keep it in a bottom drawer of the refrigerator.

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      thanks! if that's what murray's says to do that is how i shall proceed. mmmm murray's.

    2. Sounds funny but I keep mine frozen in small chucks in a freezer bag and use a rotary grater to make "snow" on my salads. I did a video clip if you want to see what I mean. Go the the cheese link on my blog Enjoy.