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Nov 26, 2006 11:39 PM

KC BBQ-Anything New I Have to Try?

I get to KC twice a year and know most of the BBQ places. (I prefer LC's and Oklahoma Joes) A quick question for the KC chowhounds. Any new BBQ places that have opened in the last 6 months that I ought to try this trip? Thanks in advance from a San Diego Chowhound

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  1. Hi SanDiego- I'm an LC's guy myself its always great. But if you haven't tried Jones BBQ in Kansas City, KS its well worth going there for lunch. Its small (15 seats?) and is located in Strawberry Hill/downtown KCK- 1805 N 10th (I think). Its been open more than 6 months but many haven't been there.
    good luck.

    1. I'm tied up a lunch time all of my days in KC. Is Jones BBQ open for dinner?

      1. I believe so- sorry I gave you the wrong address- try 609 N 6th St. KC,KS ph. 913-371-6400
        I also saw a review for them at I don't know a thing about that site BUT I agreed with the review. It might give you some ideas for other restauarnts too. Enjoy your time in Kansas City.

        1. I arrived during the masive snow storm but had Oklahoma Joe's one night and LC's the next day. Life is good.

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            Life is good when you're eating well. Hopefully you'll be here with better weather next time.