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Nov 26, 2006 11:33 PM

Tamales in the Peninsula

Can anyone suggest a place for tamales? I'd like to pick up a dozen or so and keep it around the house.

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  1. Well you want to have them on the weekend there is a little Lady outside of a Mexican Vegetable store on El Camino near Roosevelt in Redwood City. Not much meat but the Masa is one the best around. At a buck each it is a deal. But you have to go early since they sell out early.

    Also Middlefield Ave in Redwood is full of Mexican Taco shop and many of them have tamales. I fear I have not expole further than Lady with the rolling shopping cart. I have been know to eat a half a dozen at a sitting.

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      I think the mexican market you are referring to is El Mercadito Latino. I've seen the tamale lady there but I have been afraid to try them! Since I know someone else has tried them, I'll give them a shot! I think she said she has pork, chicken and beef tamales.

      1. re: plainjane

        That the name of the market. The Lady is not part of the market but is just a vendor outside the door. Not sure about the beef, but she sells mild and spicy verisons of pork and chicken. I highly recommed it. My brother in law once purchase two dozen and eat 14 of them at one sitting. I believe he was sick for a couple of days, not from the tammles themselves but from the amonut he ate.

        I normally buy no more then ten so that we do not overeat.

    2. There is a mexican grocery on San Mateo Avenue in San Bruno (near Lullaby Lane) that sells fresh tamales. They look quite good.

      1. Year Round, Every Saturday, starting at 9am, there's a tamale stall at the Farmers Market - College of San Mateo. Exit Hillsdale off of 92.

        Excellent tamales, for $2 bucks each. They have pork, chicken, spicy pork, spicy chicken, beef, cheese & jalapeno.

        Super good with alot of filling. Try it!