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Nov 26, 2006 11:26 PM

HHI first week of December

DH and I will be making our annual weeklong golf trip to HH next Saturday. We have our "gotta go" restaurant list from past trips already lined up - CQs, Old Oyster Factory, Marleys, RedFish, and Sea Shack (no, don't try to talk us out of these - we're going!).

I've been checking for ideas, and we'd like to know if anybody has opinions about these for dinner:

Ocean Grille

Others along the same line? We've been doing this trip for about 10 years and we have tried many other restaurants. We've done Old Fort Pub, Alexanders, Antonios, Michael Anthonys, Alligator Grille, a bunch of pub/pizza/wing places - all OK by us but we'd like to try something else.

We like places where we can relax over a drink before dinner, are not blasted by loud music while we eat, and are on the island itself (not Bluffton). $$ is not a problem for good chow with a good vibe. We love this week because it is very laid-back, our fav evening is Monday open mike night at the Jazz Corner. Thanks for any opinions!

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  1. From a 25 year resident, I suggest that you try Spice, a four week old Indian restaurant in the space once occupied by Damon's and the Iron Wolf at the Village at Wexford. You won't find an interior like this outside of Manhattan and the bar goes 'till 4AM.

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      Sounds interesting, and right next to the Jazz Corner - bonus! Thanks for the tip!

    2. I recently had a very nice meal at Flavors. It's about a year old. Varied menu..everything very good but a highlight was a mixed mushroom risotto.

      Tough to find a shopping center off Pope..near Red Sage and Alligator Grill?? worth seeking out.

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        We'll check out their menu - thanks!

      2. Have you tried Juleps outside of Sea Pines. We lived there for many years before moving to Charlotte and loved it.

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          Yes, we tried Juleps a couple of years ago. We did enjoy it.

        2. Consider going to Charlie's L'Etoile Verte off New Orleans Rd and also Main Street Cafe & Pub, Hilton Head Plantation entrance, near the Harris Teeter.

          1. Charlie's L'Etoile is also a favorite of mine for a nice dinner.

            Il Carpaccio (great thin crust pizza..but not a pizza joint) or DaVino's for Italian..not quite as "polished" as Michael Anthony's..but both good.

            I posted last week about Amigo's...casual Cal Mex that my bro runs. No full alcohol and semi self but not what you posted looking for..can't resist a plug..:)

            We enjoy CQ's and Old Fort Pub a lot too.

            If you don't mind taking a drive, Palmetto Bluffs in Bluffton is a spectacular RE development with an inn/restaurant operated by the Auberge de Soleil (Napa Valley) group...really a top restaurant. Worth a drive if you feel like taking a break from golf..beautiful spot on the May River..that's worth seeing in the daylight.

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              The food critic at The Charlotte Observer just gavve Old Fort Pub a strong review a few weeks ago.