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Nov 26, 2006 11:19 PM

Puerto Vallarta options

I am traveling with my rather large family to PV at Christmas time. We will be staying at Creams resort, but would like to get some recommendations for other places to eat, especially for intown since I plan on doing a little shopping and sightseeing. thanks!

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  1. El Dorado Beach Club. (It's not a club, it's just a restaurant). I've been to P.V. twice. (last time was 3 years ago). Both times, we ate at the El Dorado Beach Club. It's in town, right on the beach. The food was very good (not gourmet or anything, but tasty). It was family friendly. It's on the beach with a killer sunset view. It's right in the middle of town, easy to walk anywhere.

    1. This link has everything you need:

      BTW... is there any particular food you are interested in?

      1. this helps... nothing particular per se in terms of food. Thanks!

        1. boca bento for asian fusion
          pacifica grill for all you can eat shrimp
          el brujo for inexpensive fish

          el dorado is good
          machis bbq
          banana cantina
          archies wok

          you really cant do too badly in pv the food is very good

          if you are on los muertos beach, get a dozen oysters from any of the guys selling them, very fresh
          el pirata for shrimp burritos and ceviche tostadas

          el arrayan is one of our faves for some eye opening mexican as well as los xitomates

          1. In the old town of PV there is a great seafood restaurant-I can't remember the name but if you ask a local they will know