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Nov 26, 2006 11:06 PM

I love Crab Cakes!

I am looking for the best crab cakes in Toronto - but am willing to travel to the suburbs if necessary in order to find a high quality crab cake with lots of real lump crab meat and not too much filler. THanks!

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  1. After a trip to Baltimore about 4 years ago I got addicted to Maryland crabcakes. However 4 years of looking in TO has not yielded a single place that serves them like they should. Every crab cake I've found is made from pasteurized crab meat and is nothing like they should be. I've also posted in the past looking for them and have never gotten lucky.

    I am also thus interested to hear what people have to say, but I'm not holding my breath.

    1. I too have had amazing crab cakes in baltimore! Would love to find similar quality here, but haven't as yet.

      1. I haven't been to Baltimore so I'm not quite sure what your comparing to. The crab cakes at splendido were yummy a lot of crab meat in every bite.

        1. Pisces Fish Shop on Yonge at Summerville make their just have to fry them up...also have hot pepper mayo or wasabi mayo to go with...Miranda

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          1. I don't know where you will duplicate one made from real, fresh crab in Toronto. I've had tasty ones at the Senator (which they acknowledged contained some fake crab), Smalltalk, and Allens (which also contain salmon). However, nothing to compare with what I've had in the Del-Mar-Va area.