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Nov 26, 2006 11:03 PM

Making Reservations @ Mozza

So how far in advance does one need in order to get a weekend slot for dinner, say 7ish?

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  1. Mozza's phone is (323) 297-0101.
    Call & ask, and please report back!

    1. I was there yesterday and they were booking 31 days out--for any night I think. OTOH, you can walk in and get seats at the bar--no waiting for one person (moi), and duos I asked said they had waited 20-30 minutes--that was mid-afternoon on Saturday, however.

      1. When I called two weeks ago the only decent time I can snag is around 4:30PM on a Sunday. It's pretty hard to get a table - that's because the restaurant is really, really small and I think there are maybe 10 4-6 person tables max, while there are 20 seats at the bar.

        Your best bet is to show up 20 minutes before noontime, and line up. You should have no problem getting a seat at the bar then, until everyone else learns this trick.

        1. I made a reservation for 2 @ 7p this week just last week on opentable. I'm guessing I got lucky with a cancellation since everyone else is complaining about everything being booked.

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          1. re: smdude

            Is Mozza on Opentable? I can't find them listed.

              1. re: smdude

                I just tried to make reservations via opentable and it says that Pizzeria Mozza is not available for opentable reservations.

                1. re: Sugar Jones

                  I don't even see Pizzeria Mozza listed anymore. Not sure what's going on... Perhaps they're completely booked? Oh well, I'll be enjoying my meal tomorrow.

                  1. re: smdude

                    As I stated in my post above, when I was there on Saturday (and I was standing by the reservationist waiting to be seated), I heard her tell more than one caller that they were taking reservations for 31 days out. That means fully booked, no?

                    1. re: smdude

                      OpenTable lists all restaurants they book within a region, regardless of whether tables are available. Mozza and Pizzeria Mozza are not on that list.

                      1. re: Morton the Mousse

                        They must've removed it. Just got another mail from opentable today.

                        This is a reminder that you have an upcoming OpenTable reservation at Pizzeria Mozza.

                        Thank you for choosing Pizzeria Mozza. Should your plans change, please let us know. We look forward to serving you.

            1. The reason I ask is that I tried to make a reservation last Sunday by calling at 11:30am for an afternoon luncheon for 2, but I was told they were already booked up and could take our chance at the bar, but if it's up on open table then I'll take my chances there for this weekend, thanks!