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Nov 26, 2006 10:22 PM

cho dang tofu

just had a very tasty mushroom/tofu hot pot for lunch at cho dang tofu.
it came with a first course iceberg lettuce salad and all the condiments:
kim che
dried nori
bean sprout salad
sea weed salad
cucumber salad
sticky rice

cho dang tofu
22549 hawthorne blvd (near sepulveda--same shopping center as the bowling alley)

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  1. Cho Dang's my favorite of the soon tofu chains. There's also on in Irvine, and it's the best in a town with half a dozen soon tofu joints.

    1. THE best tofu broth... even better than the ones in k-town!!!

      1. i always pass this place and wonder if it was good. do you know if it's vegan-friendly?

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        1. re: wowimadog

          They have a very nice mushroom soon tofu, but I'm not sure if the broth is vegan.

        2. None of the soon tofu broths are vegan.

          1. This is my favorite tofu place as well. They also have really great kalbi and great spicy crunchy cucumbers.