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Nov 26, 2006 10:15 PM

Lunch near Walman Rink for 11-year-olds

I am looking for a lunch place for my daughter's birthday for her and 5 friends - Serendipity is, of course, not available.

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  1. The closest decent option might be Sarabeth's on CPS. Not particularly geared toward young ones, but it is a cutesy place with a child friendly menu. A little further away but perhaps more attractive are the American Girl Place restaurant (check for reservations because it is hard to get in) or either of the Alice's Tea Cup locations (one on W.73rd near Columbus, the other on E.64 St off Lexington).

    If none of those work out, there're always the various theme restaurants on the 57th St corridor: the Brooklyn Diner, Jekyll&Hyde, Hard Rock. Food runs the gamut from terrible to serviceable.

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      Which theme restaurants are not awful? It is for mid-December so we could be in trouble any place with crowds. Thanks for the info.

      1. re: edamamemarj

        Oh, I just thought of a good one. The Dahesh Museum has a cafe that offers an afternoon tea option just for little ones. It's called a Teddy Bear Tea. Location is good, just a couple blocks away from the SE corner of the Park. Very reasonable price and off the beaten path, so getting in shouldn't be a problem:
        I think the Ritz-Carlton might do a similar young ones tea, though it's probably pricier. Location is good, on CPS, but perhaps too formal an atmosphere for your party? Call them for info.

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          The Dahesh Museum looks perfect! Thanks!

    2. There is a creperie on 7th Avenue just off Central Park South on the west side of the avenue (look for red checked table covers). Also, the cafe in the zoo is good, quick, and cheap. The veggie burger in the park cafe by the playground near the carousel does a good veggie burger. Not sure if it is closed for the winter though.