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Nov 26, 2006 10:08 PM

Pie 'n Burger Dining Room

I'm trying to organize a group outing of about 20. I've never been to Pie 'n Burger. Can they accomodate that big of a group?

Any other restaurants in Pasadena/So Pas that are kid-friendly and can accomodate large groups? I'm also considering Xiamora, Tre Venezie, Smitty's Grill, and La Formaretta.

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  1. Pie N'Burger is not good for a large group. It has a long counter, and 3 or 4 small tables (none seat more than 4 people).

    1. Got it. Thanks!

      OK gang...let the recommendations start rolling in!

      1. The restaurants you've listed are all quite different in size, price and cuisine. Pie n Burger is a lunch counter. Tre Venezie is small but with major food and prices to match. I'd say neither would be able to accomodate your part. Xiomara, on the other hand, might - but if I were you I would call and see what they say.

        1. La Luna Negra is large enough to house flamenco dancers. Are your diners into Spanish faire?

          1. If it's hamburgers ye be wanting, there is a second dining room at Wolfe Burger that rarely has more than two or three people eating in it. I suspect it would be easy enough to colonize.

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              Any restaurant on South Lake will tend to be less crowded than its Old Pas counterparts.