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Nov 26, 2006 08:48 PM

Mid-Range Brunch Recs - NoVa or DC...

I'm planning a brunch for a friend who is going overseas for a few months, and while Whitey's was the standard for a while, we're older and, of course, Whitey's is gone.

I'm looking for something in the mid-price range - I'm hoping to not have to go the route of the Key Bridge Marriott, though that's apparently on the table.

Buffets are fine, but not essential. Not sure if Bebo does brunch, but that was a possibility.

What I do need is a place that can accomodate about 20 people. And it has to be either NoVA or DC, as most of the guests will be coming from there.


- Andrew Langer

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  1. And, as I just discovered that the JW's atop the Key Bridge Marriott is no more, I now no longer have even that standby.


    1. Maybe too far west in Northern VA but just had a great brunch (non-buffet) at Lightfoot in Leesburg yesterday. And they can easily handle large parties.

      1. I would recommend the following places in Arlington/Clarendon:

        Harry's Tap Room -- (menu -- no buffet
        )Boulevard Woodgrill -- www.boulevardwoodgrill (menu -- no buffet
        )Whitlow's -- (menu and great buffet


        All the websites list their brunch menus. Harry's would be the most upscale, followed by Boulevard Woodgrill and then the very casual Whitlow's.

        Let us know where you go and how it was.


        1. Carlyle in Shirlington does brunch now both weekend days, I think starting at 10-10:30 on Saturdays.

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            I was just going to ask if anyone has been to Artie's for brunch. I received a postcard from them for free dessert but it was about their brunch which sounded good. I assume it'll be similar to Carlyle? I don't know if the seating at Artie's handles 20, though, since they have so many booths.

          2. Carlyle Grande is one of the best brunch spots in the area as the food and service have always been consistently good. I don’t think they have the room to handle a group of 20 though. Talula and Evening Star both serve brunch and I think they can handle large groups.