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Nov 26, 2006 08:45 PM

2 Delray Questions: Trendy? How About Authentic Cuban?

I'm coming down to Delray for a series of work-related meetings, and need recommendations for two dinners.

First, I'm looking for something trendy and fun - a place to go out for a good meal and drinks with some friends.

Second, I'd like authentic Cuban - unlike a previous request, hole-in-the-wall is just fine by me. Roberto's Little Havana, for instance, in Cocoa Beach is about what I'm looking for.


- Andrew Langer

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  1. for trendy, great food- 32 east. lots of places on that stretch of atlantic for more drinks after dinner

    sol kitchen down the street fun, with lots of tequila, margaritas, etc. dada cool spot on swinton- key west-style bar

    good cuban spot- can't remember the name, just west of the atlantic ave bridge, by the blue anchor irish pub

    falcon house on 6th avenue- fun tapas place

    1. I'm not sure if Cohiba is still around, if it is, avoid it. It was located on 1, opposite the Delray Multiplex. I like Cuban Cafe in Boca. It is east of 95 and is a very short ride from Delray. The place is not a dump/hole in the wall. It is small and nice inside and the food is very good and pretty authentic.