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Nov 26, 2006 08:14 PM

Olive ascolane in Toronto?

Does anyone know a restaurant in Toronto/GTA that makes homemade olive ascolane? These are deep fried stuffed green olives poular in Rome. I have never seen them on a menu in Toronto but miss them from my time living in Rome.

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  1. i wish i could remember....I am pretty sure that i found them once (only once), but i cant for the life of me remember. They are soooooooo good, i miss them from my time in italy as well. let me talk to my bf, and see if he can remember

    1. Why try to hunt down a restaurant when they are so easy to make at home?

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      1. re: foodyDudey

        Thanks for the recipe. I also have various recipes for olive ascolane from my Italian friends grandmothers who used to whip up a batch so expertly from when I loved in Italy! I wanted to try and find them at a restaurant in Toronto to relive the experience of having them as an antipasto, piping hot, fresh out of the pan......

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          Looked at that recipe link....while not difficult, oi, it looks time consuming. I'll try Noce!

      2. Noce makes them. Its also easy to make your own with various variations.

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          Thanks for letting me know Noce has olive ascolane on their menu. Have you eaten them there? Were they home made? I have never eaten at it a good and authentic Italian restaurant? Do you recommend it?

          1. re: Romana

            I have had them at Noce - I was there with a date who had been married to an Italian for a number of years, and her comment was "Oh My God...these are fantastic". Having no other frame of reference, I just think they are delicious.

            I typically go there for lunch at least once a week - I work 30 seconds away from there - and I've never had a cause for complaint.

            I was there for dinner by myself last Sunday, and I left with this comment to the owner: "I am content" :) Not something I say often when leaving a restaurant.

        2. Lol, yes, I would imagine that they are 'homemade'...meaning they are made in the restaurant from scratch. I have yet to see 'Presidents Choice' frozen Olive Ascolane at my local Loblaws. I'm sure though, that they are not far away. Honestly though, make your own. You can freeze them and have them ready to go anytime your ready to fry some up. We always make them at Easter time.