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Nov 26, 2006 08:09 PM

Urgent, Hungry Celeste, a turkey gumbo question for you please!

Should the gumbo simmer covered or uncovered before skimming off any fat from the andouille? Thanks so much, and anyone else who knows gumbos is welcome to reply also.

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  1. I do it uncovered. The skimming happens pretty early in the process (first 15 to 30 minutes) then you can cover it. I put the lid half on and half off if you know what I mean. The turkey, already being cooked, goes in right at the end just to get it hot.


    1. Whew...thanks, Roberto! That's how I did it, pot partially covered...and I skimmed off any fat from the andouille before adding the turkey at the last minute. Came out pretty good but a tad salty...(to me)...I used smoked andouille because the butcher did not have fresh andouille...what do you use, smoked or fresh for this? The extra saltiness may have been due to the smoked andouille, I suspect.