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Nov 26, 2006 08:05 PM

Latkes shipped

Any recommendations for places that ship latkes?

Thank you
Cheryl - Orlando

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. is still not operating yet.

      Has Anyone tried Sarge's or Blooms Deli's Latkes?

      thanks Cheryl

      1. There are many options
        (1) See if your local supermarket delivers (and has a kosher section).
        (2) Some kosher restaurants deliver (assuming one is near by)
        (3) See if you are serviced by or
        (4) If you are the shipper (as opposed to the one receiving the latkes), then you could always ship it yourself (UPS, FEDEX etc)

        1. Marty:
          1] My supermarket has a kosher section, but latkes are frozen.
          2] I'm looking for something different than my local kosher restaurant.
          3] Not serviced by Peapod or Fresh Direct.
          4] Not the shipper.

          Again I found a few places online that will ship latkes
          hopefully someone will have feedback on these:

          They are
          Sarge's - New York
          Blooms Deli - New York

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          1. re: cherylp3

            You mean you want fresh latkes to be shipped from NY to Florida? I assume you mean overnight delivery? Wow after shipping costs that has got to the most expensive latkas. Probably cheaper to pay the local shul's rebitzen to make some for you. If there is a local chabad house the rebitzen may do it for free :)

            1. re: cherylp3

              Sarge's is a treif deli, so probably not what you're looking for. I've never heard of Blooms.

            2. It might be cheaper to see if there are any establishments in Jewish areas of Florida (like southern FL)that make good quality latkes. The shipping will be a lot cheaper.