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Nov 26, 2006 07:37 PM

Upper Eastside recommendations

A friend of mine (23 year old guy) just moved to the 81st and 1st Ave area. He's looking for recommendations re:
* good breakfast places
* Indian restaurants
* any other places you think are especially fun

Thanks for your recommendations!

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  1. Don't know about "fun" places, but for breakfast there's Googies on 78th/2nd, for Indian there's just Baluchi's on 82nd/2nd, Dakshin on 1st/88th (good but spicy) and Mumtaz on 83rd/3rd (good). Penang on 83rd/2nd is inexpensive and good, and if he likes Turkish there's Beyoglu on 81st/3rd. There are tons of places around, he'll have to explore!

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      Googies is wonderful, and great french fries.

      Also, Brother Jimmy's around 76th and 2nd Ave. for Southern food - especially deep fried okra with spicy pork gravy:
      (There's another location up in the 90s.
      )Near the Brother Jimmy's - maybe a block or two south - is a place to get burritos the size of your head that is pretty good. And there's a fancy deli on a northwest corner in the upper 70s that's fab for snacks.

      That is, in the late 90s these places were there.

    2. baluchis closed.
      Caffe buon gusto and mamma mia have a nice atmosphere - food is good not great - just basic italian.
      Annies, EJ's and Googies are all popular breakfast places - They are all ok
      Sarabeths is furher up.
      Atlantic grill is good for brunch, lunch or dinner

      1. I'll second Beyoglu. Great for small dishes.

        I also like Ottomanelli's Cafe on 1st btwn 85th and 86th. It's friendly, inexpensive and has very good food. BYOB too!

        Gino's on 83rd btwn 1st and 2nd (closer to 1st) has a pretty good slice, though the best in the 'hood is at MiMi's at Lex and 84th.

        Finnegan's Wake on 1st and 73rd is a good pub when you're craving comfy bar food. So is Fiona's on 1st and 87th.

        To hang out and have coffee, a beer or a fattening dessert, there's DTUT on 2nd and 85th. Free wifi.

        And speaking of fattening, my favorite black-and-white cookie in the city is at Glaser's Bake Shop on 1st and 87th. Only $1.50 too!


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  're correct. Was thinking York and typed 1st.

            Thanks :)


        1. Willy's corner of 80th and 2nd much better than Googies
          Triangolo Next to Gino's-83rd and 1st

          1. Wu liang ye on 86th is the only place I would seek out on the Upper East Side, unless I were near the other one in the 40's around Lexington, in which case I'd go to that one.