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Nov 26, 2006 07:20 PM

Mole in Mexico City?

A few years ago, maybe more than a few years, I went to a restaurant that specialized in all varieties of Mole. I would love to know if anyone knows of that or a similar restaurant. Thanks

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  1. Do you remember the neighborhood... and whether it was upscale, midscale, or casual?

    1. I am willing to bet money that, in Mexico City, you won't find better mole than at CASA MERLOS. Do a search in Chowhound (Mexico Board), and you should be able to find address and phone number (a must, since the restaurant is only open Thurs-Sun I THINK, and 2-5pm I THINK)

      1. Thanks for the reply. It was probably midscale and I don't quite remember the neighborhood - maybe Polanco.

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          I can't really think of any midscale restuarant specializing in moles in the Polanco area... that is usually very high rent & draws more of the contemporary & very high end places.

          But, near the revolution monument you will find Fonda Santa Clara which is a classic for Pueblan style moles... they typically have three versions (Poblano, Pipian Rojo, Pipian Verde) and if you go soon they will also have Mole de Espinazo (seasonal dish).

        2. Found this on another site: Do you recall that they are only open for lunch?

          I did go to Casa Merlos (behind the Escuela Preparatoria # 4, which is on Av. Observatorio) on a Friday afternoon (around 3:15pm). We had to wait about 15min for a table. It is a fairly simple, inexpensive restaurant. We had very tasty, very traditional poblano dishes (chalupas, mole with turkey, rajas). I will definetely go back in my next trip and try other dishes. Note that it is only open for lunch and closes Mon, Tue & Wed.

          1. One more: If you speak spanish this site has some nuggets


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              ¡Muy muchas gracias por apuntar este sitio!