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Chicago deep-dish pizza in NYC?

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I'm looking for real Chicago deep-dish. I know, I know, sacrilege, but I'm craving it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Here's a start (As you noted, this IS New York): http://www.unos.com/location.html
    Don't have high expectations for deep-dish here.

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      Ha! I was going to say in my post, anything but Uno's...

      I know I can order pizza from Giordano's and Gino's East too, but it would be great if something has opened up recently.

    2. Unfortunately Uno's is the only bet. (you can ask them to bake the pizza longer than usual because otherwise, it's totally not baked enough). The next best thing is to go to Chicago, buy a frozen one to-go from Gino's East (they sell them in the store) and bring it back, and keep it in your freezer till you have that craving. That's what I do.

      Or befriend someone that does this! Ha.

      1. This post is not sacrilege...though I'm sure many will disagree, in my opinion Chicago pizza is way better than NYC pizza and next to impossible to find here in Manhattan...

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          I know this is entirely unhelpful for the OP, but I'm kinda glad we can't get authentic Chicago pizza in NYC - it's good when cities keep their regional dishes. If we could get everything everywhere, it would be less special.

        2. as the others have mentioned, there's no chance of getting anything even remotely close to the real deal in ny. like philly cheesesteaks, you can only get a truly great, authentic version of this food in the originating city. it's really unfortunate for those of us who get specific cravings...

          1. it doesn't exist in NYC. i'm with sedela on freezer pizzas. and you don't need to go to chicago to get it. both giordano's and eduardo's offer par-baked frozen deep-dish pizzas that they will fed ex in freezer containers the homesick among us. i think ranalli's might also, but IMO their pizza pales in comparison ... i order a par-baked deep-dish giordano's spinach at least once a year.

            1. I also saw that this place Fedexes deep dish pies. They looked insanely good on this PBS or Food Network show wherein Lou Malnati's was described as the definitive deep-dish pie. The sausage one was featured on the show and I was tempted, but it's not as if we're suffering for good pies in NY. Here's the link: www.loumalnatis.com/

              1. Mmmm....Lou Malnati's. Delicious thin crust too- another thing you can't really get in NYC. I had it saturday night and want it again now!

                1. I know that Leona's used to FedEx their fantastic white sauce stuffed pizza as well. It's a different take on the Chicago-style pizza, but it is wonderful.


                  NYCnosh* http://nycnosh.com

                  1. not quite the same as the real deal, but Ottomanelli's on 86th & York has a satisfying pan pizza. a little greasy, but great on Sunday afternoon! nb: no beer served so bring your own.

                    1. The Bravo pizza chain around town has advertised 'chicago-style' deep-dish slices. don't quite look deep enough to be authentic, and preferring ny style pizza, have never tried them.

                      there's also a place down in the wall street area, big al's i believe, that promotes itself as such.

                      1. Wow, this is a HUGE opportunity for someone...i'd imagine a Chicago-style pizza place would do VERY well...

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                          I dunno, NYers are VERY picky about their pizza.

                        2. OK - let the deluge begin (hit me with your best shot)- I think that Chicago deep dish pizza is disgusting, and is not pizza. It is more like a casserole in a disgustingly buttery greasy shell (yes I know the shell is prebaked to stay firm, but it always gets overly crumbly and soggy) resulting in a greasy mushy mess, with maybe a little bit of crunch from the sides of the pizza - gross. It is about as satisfying as the poor excuse for a buritto that Blockheads serves.

                          Yes I have eaten it on a number of occasions in Chicago when my sister lived there and also when I go there on business. I have been to what my friends and colleagues call the "best of the best" in Chicago and I hate it (I don't remember the places they have taken me so if you want to flame me for not knowing the names - go ahead).

                          That being said - I actually like Chicago style thin crust pizza - and yes it does exist,and it is pretty tasty. In addition I have found that among my windy city friends, the thin crust is more popular.

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                            ok. so having had just visited chicago for the first time last march, i ran to a famous deep dish pizza place the first night. yup, i went to the one with a 2 hour wait instead of a 1/2 hour wait. i'm not trying to be mean nor do i have anything against chicago but i was completely stunned when i tasted this. the crust wasn't good at all, the cheese had no taste, and the whole thing just layed in my stomach like a wad of metal. i could make something better in my microwave. i wanted to like this so badly and i was excited about it. honestly, unos was by far better than this. .. and, yes, when i read the title of this post earlier this evening, i immediately thought unos but knew i couldn't live with myself if i recommended that.

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                              Glad I am not the only one who feels this way! Thanks for validation. My sister who lived in Chicago for 6 years and I got into an argument about it last night which started with a discussion of where to find the best pizza. She lives in LA now after spending a number of years in New York. I think the culinary wasteland that is 99% of LA is the perfect place for her to live! Just joking, I love her very much, but I don't lover her tastebuds.

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                                No, we are legion :) chicago DD pizza will not do well in NYC for the simple fact that NY pizza is better, much better.

                          2. why chicagoans love deep dish pizza. my feeling is that it really IS a completely emotional and local neighborhood thing this obsession with deep dish pizza. in chicago pizza is a food that cuts across all ethnicities. i grew up in a peruvian family in chicago in a northside nieghborhood that was primarily irish, polish, german, hungarian & italian. i could have my mother's arroz con pollo and my Italian friend could have her father's lasgna but friday night it was universally understood that the thing to do was to go out with your friends, eat deep dish pizza and drink beer. it was cheap and it was delicious and you could stay as long as you wanted (you had to often wait 45 minutes or more for the pizza itself not to mention the time spent waiting to get a table!) but nobody would hurry you out and once situated it was like you were at home. it was also the thing to do with your family on birthday celebrations, after watching a movie, comfort on a freezing cold day (which are often in winter) and air-conditioned bliss on extremely hot day (which are often in summer!) when i go back to chicago (i live in sf now) and eat pizza for me its like going back to the most familiar thing in the world because i'm not eating alone- i'm eating with everybody i grew up with.

                            1. yo dudes,

                              brooklyn is where it's at...check out La Villa in Park Slope for some deeply satisfying deep-dish pie. I recommend the Speciale deep-dish round. even die-hard NYers with their slender slice fetish should give this a shot...don't give Uno's a second thought--it's crap.

                              1. Chicago deep-dish pizza may not be pizza...but then as an Italian friend of mine said after trying a NY pizza for the first time: "this is good but why do you call it pizza?"

                                1. centrejack: thank YOU for the validation. I thought I was nuts.
                                  Since I was in Chicago for a completely annoying meeting, I thought I may have been in too bad of a mood to even enjoy the pizza.
                                  thespidermonkey: thanks for the explanation. I respect that and I completely understand. it really explains everything.