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Grapefruit recipes

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In a "what a great sale" moment I bought a box of grapefruits but cannot eat one more for breakfast, any suggestions for what could be done with them?

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  1. There is a recipe for grapefruit sandwich cookies in Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook. It looks great, I keep meaning to make them.

    1. Both epicurious.com and williamssonoma.com have very good recipes if you search "grapefruit."

      This is kind of a family issue for me. My dear departed grampa used to shop as a hobby when he lived with us in his later years. He jumped on good sales and forgot he'd done so. At one point I discovered the downstairs extra fridge was full of nothing but grapefruit, as were the 6 shopping bags on the cellar steps....

      1. Drizzle with honey and broil for dessert.

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          Or sprinkle with brown sugar and broil, then put a maraschino cherry in the middle to be old school about it. I love broiled grapefruit-- such a yummy, easy and low-fat dessert. Perfect for post-Thanksgiving.

        2. I'm totally addicted to chiffon cakes, so I'd make a grapefruit chiffon cake. I use basically the same recipe as a standard lemon or orange chiffon cake, but substitute grapefruit instead and when I glaze it I make the glaze with powdered sugar and grapefruit juice and then sprinkle a bit of finely grated peel on top.

          You could also make grapefruit curd.

          1. We just got our shipment of Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit from PITTMAN & DAVIS. I store them 4 to a large size freezer baggie in the Fridge, and they keep perfectly for a month or more,until they get used up. They are delicious plain, but I am saving the recipes in my file.

            I save the peel, and freeze it until I have enough. I make candied grapefruit rind. Everyone loves it with an after dinner coffee, and I tuck little bags of it into gift baskets. Sometimes I dip it in bitter chocolate.

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              I send the suggestion of candied grapefruit rind. I make it for Christmas and it is a big hit. It is good for those who are watching their cholesterol.

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                Fleur, are the Texas Ruby Reds particularly good for candied peel? Or will any do?

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                  < I save the peel, and freeze it until I have enough >

                  just dump it in a ziplock and freeze it? it stays un-dry? do you thaw it before you candy it? any special tricks on thawing?

                  this is a great idea!

                2. Do a search for "grapefruit pie" on this board... :-)

                  1. If you have an electric juicer, juice the grapefruits, slicing the rind from one fruit into slivers. Place juice with one grapefruit sliver each in ice cube trays. Freeze.

                    You'll have a fresh grapefruit add in for mixed drinks, ice tea, cocktails.

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                      This is a most practical & good idea!! Thank you, HillJ !

                    2. I posted a recipe earlier for oranges in a spiced red wine syrup - bet it would work great with grapefruits, too.

                      Original post (w/ photo):

                      1. There is a very tasty recipe for "Grapefruit Bars" over at All Recipes, but it only uses 3 tbls. juice and 3 tbls. grated peel ! Probably most desserts/breads using orange could be switched over to grapefruit. Muffins? Learn to juggle?

                        1. grapefruit sorbet/gelato is darn good if you have an ice cream maker. you can get old donvier machines at thrift stores for $5 or less, sometimes still in the box.

                          1. I made grapefuit curd once, but they were very tart grapefruit so it worked. I know this must sound gross but it is very popular in my family. I think it is caribbean in origin. I section the grapefruit and then mix it with sweetened condensed milk, usually I chill it for a couple hours before serving.