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Nov 26, 2006 05:14 PM

ISO Coffee Caramels and/or Coffee Toffee(Crunchy) Recipe

Would greatly appreciate .i have 'guessed' before about how much espresso or coff powder to add to a recipe, but i'd rather have a specific quantity.

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  1. This is a recent post, referring to Blum's Coffee Crunch cake:

    Hope it helps.

    1. really no candymakers out there for the coffee caramels????

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      1. re: opinionatedchef

        I used to be a candymaker. As for flavored caramels, I would warn you off the whole thing. We tried a few flavors, but the rich flavor of real, milk caramel is so strong and good, that any flavors are either wiped out or too bitter because you have to add a lot of the flavoring ingredient. I do not remember exactly why we rejected coffee flavor, but stir in just a little commercial coffee flavor at 0.5% w/w right after you turn off the flame and start cooling (; you can probably go up to 3% if the flavor is too weak, but be warned of a chemical, bitter flavor at this level.

        1. re: jerry i h

          We were just given, as a housegift, an assortment of flavored caramels. IMO very pretentious, very pretty. I can tell you, because we sat down and dissected these and tasted as a group, that while most of the caramels tasted perfectly ok, in most cases the exotic additives added exactly nothing.

          To me this was a great example of the fancy foods industry going overboard on concept and packaging and producing exactly nothing of value.

        2. re: opinionatedchef

          What if I want to make cherry, orange, rasberry, ginger, cinnimon? How would I flavor those, is there someplace to get pieces to add to it. What is your best caramel recipe, with condensed milk or heavy cream. Apprciate any guidance you can give me. Donna

        3. Here's a link to a recipe for Cappuccino Caramels that might help...

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            wy, thank you so much; this is v helpful. hope to hear from others as well!

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              Hey opinionatedchef... Did you try making coffee caramels? I am thinking about trying wyf4lyf's recipe linked above, minus the orange peel and walnuts, and wondered what you ended up making.