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Nov 26, 2006 04:07 PM

New Years Eve Recipe's

I know it seems to be early, but would appreciate any ideas for "finger foods" for a New Year's Eve party. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Fresh stone crabs with mustard sauce


    Find several very high quality salty snacks at the Asian market -- especially wasabi peas -- and make your own snack mix


    Mini-beef Wellingtons, using chuncks of filet, packaged pate and chopped mushrooms in puff pastry


    But actually, this post probably belongs on the Home Cooking board, unless you can tie it specifically to Florida restaurants that cater or at least to Florida food items . . .


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      Hi Bob - thanks for the insights. I get it ---- only really need Champagne! Thanks again

    2. I would have to put out a dish of Texas Caviar, made with black-eyed peas, to give the guests a head start on their good luck and prosperity in the new year!

      1. If you really wanted to splurge, how about blinis with creme fraiche and caviar? I usually don't do the caviar for over-fishing reasons and have subbed really good smoked salmon. Raw oysters or a platter of cold shellfish in general would also be impressive. And I'm always a proponent of "the big aioli"-- parboil red potatoes, carrots, etc., then do a beef tenderloin. Slice it all and arrange it on a platter to dip in homemade aioli. I have also done some really cute basil cream purses made of phyllo dough-- yummy but major PIA. Another cute thing to do is to make little cucumber cups and fill them with creme fraiche and a drop of sesame oil and/or chili oil. Or what about stuffed dates?

        1. tiny red potatoes, boiled & lightly hollowed out w/ some creme fresh, smoked trout, and a sprinkle of chives.
          epicurious has an incredibly easy recipe for chicken liver pate that is really delicious & decadent tasting:

          i was also thinking of creating kibbeh using sweet potatoes instead of reg. ones.