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Nov 26, 2006 03:52 PM

Chinese Food In Israel

Anybody have any suggestions for the best chinese food in Israel? Thanks.

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  1. corusin in the malcha mall or on ben yehuda

    1. ben yehuda definetly. When I was staying at Bayit Va'gan in J'lem, we ordered in smoe great chinese food. Check the phonebook - it was one of the few listed.

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        I haven't been there in a while (about 7 years) but I used to like the Yo Si Peking on Keren Kayemet in Jlem. They had a great chinese veg soup with wontons and szechusian and egg rolls at good prices.

      2. Yosi Peking is still around but i think that you get better quality food at Corusin. You could also try Thai Food on yafo down the block from safra square, its also pretty good.

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          How Thai is it, actually? I did get Thai food once in Israel (not from that place, though), and it tasted exactly like Chinese except that the noodles were a different size and shape. The choices were beef or chicken, with rice or "Pad Thai", which just meant "noodles". No lemongrass, coconut milk, or anything else that would tell me that it was Thai and not Chinese.

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            You're right its more chinese then thai, though the pad thai is very good and a great deal as well. though they do serve goose, never had it though

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              Well, at the place I ordered from, "pad thai" (or rather, "patai") wasn't a dish as such, it seemed to mean simply "with noodles". Each kind of meat was orderable with "orez" or "patai". Not at all like the pad thai I used to get at Kaosan a"h.

              I understand that there used to be a good Thai place on Jabotinsky St, but it closed several years ago, before I had a chance to try it.

        2. Mendy's, on Ben Yehuda, is not bad. I particularly liked what they call "Surinam rice", which is basically fried rice with vegetables, though what it's got to do with Surinam I don't know. (nor do I know what a Surinamese dish would be doing in a Chinese restaurant...)

          1. Cin Kan (as in "Chinese Here" in Hebrew)in Raanana is fantastic but not for the lunch crowd - they pre-cook everything for lunch and its not fresh.
            If you're out there, and you used to eat treif, you know what I'm looking for - just the chicken wings alone were fantastic - but there is a pan-asian thing here, so the Thai, Sushi is good too.
            For Thai- (not that you asked but previous authors mentioned poor pad thai) - Shangrila in Tel Aviv is really great

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              now that we mentioned thai, whatever happend to that thai resturaunt, rangoon or something like that, where little italy is now