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Garlic Fries: Getting the garlic to stick when making garlic fries

I'm trying to make garlic fries and found a recipe that simply says to make your fries, then toss them in a bowl with sauteed garlic and salt. However when I do this the garlic just falls to the bottom and won't stick to the fries. I've had it out at a cafe and there were big chunks of garlic stuck to the fries and I want to duplicate this. Anybody got any ideas?

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  1. I had the best garlic fries on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz!

    This is how I would make them.

    Take a garlic clove or two, and mash them. To do this- smash with the side of your chef knife- sprinkle some kosher salt over the garlic- then with one finger on the tip of the knife- drag the knife back and forth over the garlic until no more solids exist -and all you have is paste. Add some finely chopped rosemary. Let sit for awhile.

    Cook your fries, and have a large bowl with the garlic paste in the bottom, as well as spread out along the walls. Put in hot fries and toss, making sure to rub the fries thru all of goop- and you should have a decent product.

    This would not work with oven fries- you need the hot oil cooked fries.

    1. as usual, ask 10 chefs and get 10 answers. my thought would be that raw garlic paste would not taste great on fr fries. what about a sweet roasted garlic puree?
      ala julia child:

      melt 1 stick of sweet butter, add 1 head of peeled garlic cloves. simmer over LOWEST heat (use flame tamer if you have)
      until garlic is v soft. puree in cuisart. putsome or all in a bowl ala jalamamama's method above and add your cooked fr fries.w/kosher salt.

      1. i love garlic fries!

        Lightly sauté minced garlic in olive oil . you can add herbs too. thyme, clives, parsley....

        Drizzle the garlic mixture over warm french fries and toss. Salt and pepper to taste

        i would just make sure the garlic is minced really small. i don't know about the paste idea...but definitely minced small.

        1. Well, spank me and call me Sally- I do suppose raw garlic would taste rather potent- though when making mayo to dip my fries in- I add smashed raw garlic....hmmmmmm. Maybe get some bread dip that has garlic in it and try that? I vote for the mince really small and sautee, and then spoon over hot fries and toss, being careful not to get too much oil on the fries.

          1. raw garlic sounds good to me also...
            but lightly sauteeing it like i suggested will kill some of its harshness.

            1. I make garlic oven fries by tossing the sliced potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and pureed garlic. Put in one layer on a baking sheet at 400 F and wait till they start to brown and get blistery.

              1. have you the answer to your question yet? I would like to know also..I had some garlic fries with crispy browned garlic
                clinging to the fries in Hanoi..best ever with a cold glass of beer..

                1. Probably too late, but still...

                  2 things.

                  1) If you are actually using a deep fryer (or a pot with enough oil), you could theoretically add garlic last minute and end up with chunks "stuck" to your fries. However, you end up with two results. The flavor is is not great because it's either burnt or too diluted in the cooking oil. Or it doesn't stick and ends up at the bottom of your bowl after you've drained off excess oil. Which bring me to number..
                  2) The garlic is sauteed beforehand is a very little oil and then added to the fries in your bowl, but you're forgetting the important step of going from bowl to a plate or something like that. Have you ever tossed a salad and everything but the lettuce ends up at the bottom? Same idea. You toss it in garlic and salt while still piping hot and then transfer to a plate. All of the galric that was at the bottom is now on top/dispersed and since the fries are still v hot, the garlic will end up fusing to it.

                  1. already so many suggestions, but...

                    1) roast garlic make into a paste and thin with a tad of broth and/or olive oil. place in a ziploc with potato sticks and shake. let marinate for a while. fry and salt.

                    2) saute chopped garlic with parsley. fry potatoes. toss potatoes immediately with garlic, then let drain on paper towel together.

                    1. When I've watched vendors (fairs and ball parks) make garlic fries, hot out of the fryer fries are tossed with very generous amount of what appears to be a mixture of raw chopped garlic and parsley. The garlic could be jarred chopped or fresh... not sure.

                      I think their philosophy here is to throw a lot (1/2C) onto the fries and some if it's bound to stick. There's always a pile of the garlic-parsley mixture leftover after the fries are gone.

                      1. Are you double frying your potatoes? (First fry at lower temp to cook the potatoes, second at a higher temp to crisp them) If I were to try this, after the first fry (so the garlic doesn't burn) I would try tossing them with a small amount of softly whipped egg whites with garlic chunks folded in. Just a guess, never tried it.