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Nov 26, 2006 09:05 AM

Organic and Free Range Meats and Poultry in Connecticut

Does anyone know of a good supplier of organic and free range meats and poultry for delivery in the Connecticut region? Thanks. Also gourmet foods?

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  1. For delivery only? Are you looking for free range meats raised/grown in CT? Or just delivery to CT?

    I, unfortunately, don't have a lot of help, but you may want to try, which is a pretty good starting point for finding local farms, organic producers, markets, etc. I know a number of the farms deliver.

    If you are just looking for products, not sure where you live, but you can find some organic, free range meats/poultry at places like Whole Foods or Stew Leonards.

    Good luck...

    1. I'm just looking for companies that deliver in CT. thanks for your suggestion.