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Nov 26, 2006 08:45 AM

Newport Seafood in San Gabriel

Went for dinner courtesy of a friend. line out to wazoo, but got in after just 30 minutes of wait (we were grateful!).

started with a tofu and seafood soup. had shrimp, squid, and fish cakes in it, as well as cabbage and tofu in a delicious clear broth.

then came the basil clams. Oh, the sauce! i love ladling a spoonful on my rice and tasting the spicy, fragrant clam sauce.

deep fried softshell crab was next, with a fish sauce for dipping. great crunchy batter/shell balanced nicely with the delicate but meaty crab. heavenly!

the piece de resistance, lobster in house special garlic-chili sauce, was absolutely divine! fresh, succulent lobster slathered in the savory-spicy sauce was just what the doctor ordered for my hungry bowels.

catfish braised in soysauce/chili was also delicious. the tender flesh just melted in my mouth.

a side of ong choy rounded out the meal.

all in all, a great meal, although the service was definitely hurried and unfriendly. it was worth it, to taste the food!!!

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  1. I don't know how friendly the service would be if we went there without our Chinese-speaking friend - I suspect it would be less so, as we are always just two of maybe five non-Asians in the whole place. I'd still go for the food. The fixed-price dinners are well-constructed and quite a bargain; the first time we went I noticed that our a la carte dinner, not bad at $65, was almost exactly duplicated by the $48 fixed-price! So that's what we got on our next visit.

    We've not gotten the lobster yet - thanks for the recommendation.

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    1. re: Will Owen

      i think they're unfriendly overall... my friend was chinese, but we were still hurried out the door as soon as our chopsticks were on the table.

      1. re: tuttifrutti

        I agree--the staff is just not friendly. I'm Chinese-American, went with my Vietnamese-Chinese in-laws, and service was rather bad. Nevertheless, the food was awesome. You don't go here to enjoy the ambience; you go here to eat. And we ate like royalty!

    2. They also have excellent elephant clam, both raw and battered, as well as beef luc lac.

      1. the lobster with the house sauce is AMAZING!!!! *droooooooooool* best lobster I've ever had. I swear the sauce has some sort of crack in it and is even good just with rice. I'm curious how the crab is. the deep fried tofu is pretty good as well. loved the texture of it. deep fried and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. Be careful not to burn your mouth!