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Nov 26, 2006 08:13 AM

I htate Dan Tana's!!!!

Worst steak ever - does anyone join me in this??? What a rip off and what a lousy decor . . . would love to know your thoughts . . .

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  1. I just ate there this evening with a few friends and although none of us had the steak, what we did eat was pretty fantastic. A friend commented that his Veal Parmesan was the best he’d had in ages. One unexpected standout was the escargot appetizer. Very simple and traditional. In the shell in sizzling garlic butter. Delicious! As for the décor, it reflects the history of the restaurant. You have to appreciate it for what it is.

    1. Come on. Have you been to Sizzler or Norms?

      I am a big Dan Tana's fan and I know it has its detractors but for even the biggest detractor to call it the worst steak ever is preposterous.

      The Dabney Coleman is a solid to amazing steak.

      1. When Dan Tana's is good, it can be very good, and when it's bad, they serve a brick of tasteless charcoal next to a side of bland spaghetti with canned sauce after making you wait over an hour after your reservation for an undersized table for one in a corner while you wait for your arrogant and inattentive waiter with four of your friends.
        I still like it though.

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        1. Dan Tana is what it is. It's good food that's hyped up due to ambience. Don't ever call it great food.

          1. I know that this board likes Dan Tana's but I had the most underwhelming experience there. Ordered the $35 Veal Chop what I got was the most overcooked tasteless piece of meat ever imagined. Tasted like cardboard. When I spoke to the server I got major attitude. I guess I wasn't B List enough for them. Anyway with so many great restaurants in LA: well, no thanks.